Live Show: 2/22/00


Dayton, OH

Reviewed by: CintiBud, Neal, Chad & FruMom

The Details

Quick listing of tunes from my notes and memory. I'll try to write something more specific later, but I'm not making much sense with the written word today.

Warm up - Local favorite Todd Weidmer (sp?). "A robust Townes van Zandt" - me from last years show here after he opening for Fruvous. Still true.

Nowhere man
Can't be to Careful
When She Talks
Boss (? - not sure if I have this in the right place)
You Go to the Moon
Ash Hash
Boo Time
Disco Barganville
Independence Day
Present Tense Tureen
I Will Hold On
River Valley
Get in the Car
Your New Boyfriend
Dancing Queen/Walk on the Wild Side

M. Militia

Ziggy Stardust(Brought up Todd Weidmer to sing lead and play
guitar - "The band didn't bring out their lead singer until the
2nd last song" - Jian (I think)

Early Morning Rain - First time I saw them do this. It's great!

Quick take - eclectic? laid back? thoughtful? I don't know how to describe it, but the guys were very "on", musically tight, very unforced yet very effective. Hmmm - see my comment at the beginning of this note about not making sense. The audience was there to listen as well. A few places where well lubricated fans shouted out during the expected long pauses in b-ville (when judging if the "TWO" was lound enough to continue, for example, also during Boss). Well handled by the band - was not a problem as the show went on, very little talking during the quiet songs - at least, very good for a bar.

Mike, J and Mur came out afterwards. Were able to wander the bar and talk to folks in a more relaxed manner then I've seen lately - that is, people gave them space.

Thats more than a quick setlist! Better stop before word police come after me!

From Neal:

Hey there! What did everyone think of the Dayton show?!?! I thought it was great! I was in the back on the movie theater looking seats (What a sweet little tavern), right next to the sound man, and he gladly gave me his setlist. Here it is:

Too Careful
When She

I believe they basically followed the setlist pretty well with no suprises except they did not play Splatter Splatter in the encore. They brought up the lead singer from SHRUG (local Dayton Band) and he sang Zig with them. Then they played another song I was not familiar with. (Only second Fruvous show).

The show seemed similar to the Nov. 6th Bogarts show in Cincy. That was my first show. They did however play Boss at this concert, and well, I made my singing debut during Jian's nice long pause at the end of the song. Heh...That was interesting and their reactions were interesting as well! Anyway, lemme know what you all thought of the show. I took pictures, but they didn't come out at all. The roll was blank. I am VERY much interested in a copy of the show if anyone has it. Lemme know! What a show!

From Chad:

Hmmm. No exact set list from me right now. Maybe later. Here's some of the songs though in the best order I can do on my memory right now.

NOT IN ORDER, though kinda in order.

Nowhere Man
Video Bargainville
Too Careful
When She Talks
I Love My Boss
You Will Go to the Moon
Ash Hash
Independence Day
Boo Time
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
I Will Hold On
Nuits De Reve
River Valley
Get in the Car
Your New Boyfriend
Dancing Queen Medley

Encore 1:
Michigan Milita

Encore 2: 
Ziggy Stardust (damn, this was great. Tod Weidman sat in and sang and 
                played guitar. Fruvous almost sounded like a real band
                for a song)
Early Morning Rain

From FruMom:

On Sunday, Feb. 27, I found this tidbit in the "Seen & Overheard" column in the Entertainment section of The Dayton Daily News:

Just A Bunch Of Nutty Guys From Canada.

Moxy Früvous, the manic musical foursome from Toronto, at a quickie sold-out show at Canal Street Tavern last Tuesday, voiced a major complaint about the Gem City, "There's no place to get a decent cup of coffee at night," Jian Ghomeshi wailed. Accosting uniformed strangers, they were directed to the Oregon District- "A District. Four bars on a cobblestone street." -where they gratefully inhaled espresso at the Oregon Emporium. If you've seen them, you know one thing this band doesn't need is more caffeine. Crowd loved 'em.

by Hal Davis

Thought this should be shared. Jian told the crown that coffee is his only addiction; he must have coffee, and downtown Dayton is all closed up after 6pm. Actually, he's right! It is Dead in Downtown Dayton after 6!!

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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