Live Show: 2/27/00


Madison, WI

Reviewed by: Michael

The Details

What a great show. The lovely Barrymore theatre was a perfect setting for Moxy Fruvous. It was about 1/2 full 350 - 400 people, but a good listening crowd. No dumb ass people yelling between songs & you could tell Moxy was thrilled to be there. Let's here it for Madison, & hope that it's on the list for regular Fruvous rotation.


-- By the way - Tim, were you the guy in the Maple Leaf Jersey?

M. Militia
1/2 as much
Sad Girl
Pisco Bandito
- whoops - can't read my own writing (was writing in the dark & I can;t figure
it out.  My short term memory is shot as well).  Does anyone know what this
song is?
Boo time
Disco Bargainville
Ash Hash
Poor Generation
River Valley
Get in the car
Right wing
Psycho Killer

e1: King of spain
Green Eggs

Hold on

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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