Live Show: 4/19/00


Wilmington, DE

Reviewed by: Shelley & Ellen

The Details

Ok, campers....I am FRESH for the car after the Wilmington show, so here it is!

First off, Sarah Harmer(also from Toronto) was great. Really enjoyed her performance!!! goes

Nowhere Man
Heat Seeker(from forthcoming 'c' album---YAY!)
Fried Drumstick/Seersucker banter
Splatter, Splatter
Beach/Titty bar banter
Talk about Dave's seersucker jacket and Goodwill Store 
When She Talks
PISCO!!!!(which is now CONFIRMED for "c" album)
Jian-"making of the Band" banter-said they were thespians-could not really PLAY
instruments, like that show.....did theatrical "excercise" showing 3 types of
bosses(Murr-made Ji take his sneakers off-funny!)..leading into...
You Wil Go To The Moon
Boo Time(and forgive me, I didn't get the 2nd rhyming, but
      That guy Darren
      Pants were flarin'
      Went  to Dover
      Got pulled over
      That state trooper
      One Fat pooper

Fokk Fiesta banter..pinata discussion
Independence Day
Michigan Militia
Mousketeer hat banter(someone threw on stage....)
Britney Spears/Christina Aguilera discussion(Ji said that Britney is more
"natural", like Joan Baez and Christina was more like ...Murrr chimes in with
"a prostitute"
Present Tense Tureen( quote-Mike Ford- " a song about an elf that dropped some
science on Fruvous")
Johnny Saucep'n(Jian dedicated to anyone who'd ever been to the Philadelphia
Folk Festival)
BRIEF "Just The Two Of Us" by Dave/Ji
I Will Hold On
Elian discussion(Ji thought he should go live with Bill Gates)
My Poor Generation
Ash Hash
River Valley
Get In The Car
Your New Boyfriend
Psychotherapy-type banter(more pinata referencing)
Disco Bargainville

1st Encore---King of Spain(Ji quote-"There's a seersucker born every minute)
    "It's Laissez Faire-I'm not wearing underwear"(Jac---thought of you)
Green Eggs & Ham(lay off the Eagles...)

2nd Encore--Believe
                  Gulf War Song

WHAT A SHOW!!!! Lots of fun! I was disappointed that the theatre was not more full, but it was a good time and always good to talk to the Lads afterwards...Will try to post tomorrow night after Mays Landing show, too

OK, to the FruWall!!!!

From Ellen:

this is going to have to be fast as i'm rushy-like today, but i wanted to post a quick review of last night's wilmington show. i tried to throw in a few of the better banter quotes too. apologies for the lack of caps.

first, to set the scene a bit: big movie-house style room, lots of carved wood and pillars and flowery mural-age. big ornate light fixtures. saggy seat cushions. more gold paint than you can shake a stick at (i apologize if i sound less than flattering; it was a neat old place for sure, but none of the above are really my thing so i can't do them justice). mike is resplendent in black. and black. murray wears a perfectly ordinary puma t-shirt. jian has less hair than usual on his head. dave has more than usual on his face. the roland is sporting a string of yellow lights that later inspired a lite brite moment.

jian primes the crowd by putting on a hat like jon voight wore in midnight cowboy, and saying, "y'all ready fer some canadian music?"


-Nowhere Man
-Heatseeker Boy
(bits about the seersucker jacket, seers, "a reader and advisor,"
and the US being the "12th best country in the world!")
(something i can't remember that led to one of the best lines of
the night, "Canadians can think about three things at a time, but
two of them are donuts and beer."  "and the third one is
-Splatter Splatter
(murray:  "whew.  i'm so sick of the bass.  at least if it had
*five* strings...")
-When She Talks
-Pisco Bandito
(chatter about them being thespians and here's a sample of our
acting skills, then the 3 types of bosses intro)
-I Love My Boss
-You Will Go To the Moon
-Boo Time (nonspecific DE refs, growin a little boo...)
("it's our eclecticism that makes us.... glad when people show
-Independence Day
-Michigan Militia
(someone up front throws mouse ears on stage; jian and murray put
them on, dave says, "i'd wear it but it looks too much like my
head already.")
-Present Tense Tureen
-Johnny Saucep'n
-I Will Hold On  (jian and dave only)
("elian should be detained by various countries now, for a few
months at a time, because this is apparently legal now.")
-My Poor Generation
-Ash Hash
-River Valley
-Get in the Car
-Your New Boyfriend
(more references to The Collective)
-Disco Bargainville

-Green Eggs & Ham

-Gulf War Song (off-mic and nice as always but the acoustics of
this place weren‘t optimal)

highlights of the show for me:

-my first heatseeker boy, and i was psyched to hear that it's going to be on the C album. as is pisco. that one was probably a given, but both were confirmed onstage last night.

-everything from MPG through YNB. ash hash was great; the facial expressions during the "what's that on the table..." bridge were priceless. on river valley the sound was a little muddy, but it's always been one of my favorites and they always play it with heart. GitC and YNB are always a pleasure, IMO.

other thoughts:

the echo effect-- please make it stop! please?

i'm not a big fan of the Believe thing. ;) i'm glad they didn't end with it.

i love the way murray claps. oh, and i like it when dave's chatty.

overall: a really enjoyable show. they were all in good voice and seemed in good spirits. i'm reminded of the harrisburg show in november, which wasn't a standout show but was a fitting warm-up for the really cool shows later that week (which were, if i'm remembering correctly, philly and DC). if i'm right about that precedent, i envy the people going to irving plaza and noho; y'all are in for some cool shows, i think.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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