Live Show: 4/26/00


Pawling, NY

Reviewed by: Anita & Neil

The Details

All I can say is Wow! I think tonight's show has surpassed any other Früvous show I've ever seen. It was even better than NOHO 12/30/99 for me and I never thought I'd see a show that could top 5 Murray songs in a night but tonight's definitely did.

Murray's Set List

Billie (not played)

Gord's Gold (not played)
Splat (not played)
GWS (not on setlist)

Opener: Mike Errico. He was awesome. What a great way to open the show. Definitely check him out.

Since Neil already posted a lot of the banter already, I going to just add to it.

The bit about how most of the time, the shows are prerecorded was funny but that is this small venue they might actually have to play tonight and forgive them since they don't do it often. I think it was Mike who complained how heavy the instruments were since they usually use cardboard cutouts.

Before Tureen banter included the guys talking of some Canadian commercial none of the audience had seen and went on to include hobbits and such. Also before Jian could reclaim his dropped shaker, he grabbed and used the Johnny Saucepan metal one.

After Guinea Pig the guys started an improve jam with "Dave, Where ya been" "Checking the NASDAQ". They then got Mike Errico to join them on stage pulled away from a waitress who he was trying to get a date from. The jam included Fame, The Last Time, into The Safety Dance, to Feelin' Alright, to Play that Funky Music to Can't Always Get What You Want back into the NASDAQ improv ending with Hey Jude. Let me say is was an incredible jam. :) The guys asked the town crier owner if they were playing too long since they said they could play all night which brought many cheer from the crowd. Personally, being a Deadhead, I adored the jamming and hope to hear the lads to do this more often!!!

I think in-between IWHO and MPG is when the guys had trivia for free tickets to FRFF and the Blues festival, which I think is either a week before or after FRFF. For the Blues Festival, the question was which performer has performed at all the FRFFs but for the actual FRFF, Jian made it a little harder by asking a hockey question of who is the center of the Leafs who just got hurt. Funny, it was answered by the only Canadian in the audience.

Other banter includes Jian's on going Brittany Spears is the real thing/Christina is only a fake and he even went to get a newspaper to read about Christina upcoming tour sponsored by Sears who of course is carrying a full line of her merchandise.

Also Tobey gave a final score of the Knicks/Toronto Raptors gave. The Raptors who had been ahead all gave lost it in the end to our NY Knicks.

Jian told a story about eating in a Denny's in Fishskill this afternoon where his young pierced and tattooed waitress keep calling him Honey or asking is everything OK dear. He say is was scary to have someone so young talk with him like he'd expect an older more motherly waitress to do. That it was sort of she was acting outside the stereo type of the younger generation. This I think was the intro to MPG after the tickets.

Also the guys when saying Guinea would be on the new album as when on how so many songs were going to be about food on the new album. Then amended that to two, Guinea and Porktenderlion. I think Mike then added that Pisco could be considered as food by some in a weird way too.

Well, that's all I can remember right now. Please forgive me anything I've forgotten but after driving home to Long Island from Pawling with dropping off Melinda in NYC and Gella in Brooklyn, it's almost 4am now. Though, I will say the drive home tonight though the small roads near Pawling brought up comments in the car that we driving through Blair Witch country and the bits of fog just enhanced the spookiness.

All in all it was an incredible show and I can't wait for this weekend but I don't know how any show could top tonight's show. It was really nice to hear such different songs then last weeks show in such a wonderful intimate setting.

From Neil:

Well, first things first - if you ever get to see someone at the Towne Crier, it's well worth it. Small place (less than 150 people) and very cozy. The Kelly family descended upon the place about 7:45 or so, and it wasn't too crowded. By showtime tho, it was as full as the fire marshall would let it.

So, the opening act was Mike Errico and he was very good... so good, I bought his disc and listened to it coming back. The man tells a wonderful story, oh, yeah, he can play too. Check him out.

A blow by blow of the show itself (mostly a setlist, a few comments of what I remember)

a little bit about how most of the time, the shows are prerecorded.
The Kid's Song - a favorite of my brother Andy, who got to see it live....
plus Mike's use of "I see dead people." :-)
Present Tense Tureen - as Jian was bouncing around, I thought to myself "he's
getting awfully close to Murray." Sure enough, he bumped into the bass with
his little shaker-thingy and dropped it. Recovered quickly though... woo hoo!
JOhnny Saucep'n... one of the fastest renditions I've seen.
Spiderman... off mic, with the band in the audience. Whilst singing, Mike
notices a (gasp) tape recorder. HE grabs it and decides to stress test the
condenser mic in it... by yelling into it, of course.
Sad Girl
Stuck In the 90's... with an elian intro, which made the song a little more
Early Morning Rain... because the lads are the Sunday headliners at 
Fol kFestival in Ontario, and Gordon Lightfoot (one of their biggest fans, so
of course, he'll be at the show :-) is headlining Saturday.
Boo Time
Mistra Know It All
Pork Tenderloin (which will be on C)
Guinea Pig (Which will also be on C)
an improv jam which began with "Dave, where ya been?" "Checking the NASDAQ"
and included bits of Fame, The Safety Dance, Feelin Alright, Play that Funky
Music, Can't Always Get what you want and Hey Jude. Mike Errico joined them
onstage to help out.
River Valley
Get In The Car
I Will Hold On - beautiful. Every time I see this song, I come closer to
crying, just because of what was in my life when I first heard it.
My Poor Generation
King Of Spain
Michigan Militia

Nowhere Man
Gulf War Song, off mic.

Quite possibly, the best show I've seen. My sister picked up an "I Canadian Boys" t shirt, which Tobey graciously allowed her to try on before buying. My father got his a capella singing with GWS and Spiderman. He almost got Kick In The Ass, too... a boy named Graeme yelled out a request for it and they seemed to toy with it for a moment.

When's Providence again? :-)

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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