Live Show: 4/28/00


Fredonia, NY

Reviewed by: Maggie & Emo

The Details

well it's 12:55am and i apologize for any psychoticness that might ensue other than what would normally happen. i've been up for just about 18 hours. whee!

alrighty, Melissa and i skipped out of school a bit early and hit the road by 2:40. we made great time and got to my cousin Matt's house around 4:45. i found him quickly in the big party that was going on so i was happy :) Matt walked us over to the where the show was, and we missed only the first two and a half songs, which made me happy. i'm not even going try and give a setlist, i know that i won't get it right. at one point Jian asked how many people had seen them on Conan O'Brien and about five people (including Melissa and i) cheered. :( twas sad. anyway, that led to splatter^2.

the crowd basically sucked. there were very few people i knew in the audience (we saw Fiona and AJ and MC post-show), although there were quite a few people who knew most of the words. i got a few stares because i was singing right along with Johnny Saucep'n. well, the crowd sucked mainly because people were drunk or getting close to it. :Ş

it was a pretty short set (at least it seemed short to me), but definately worth the drive. i finally got a picture with Tobey, and i got pictures with Dave and the Hairless Wonder [1]. things were cool. definately looking forward to tomorrow's show at Geneseo.

[1] if you haven't figured out that i meant Jian, well, yeah i mean him. and i really do like his haircut, it's pretty darn nifty :)

okay, i realized that there's lotsa stuff that i forgot, so i'll add it here in no particular order.

1. there was this big rubber mountain climb-y thing that Jian immediately labeled as homoerotic. they made various references to it during the show, including a verse in boo time, something about giving Elian a taste of the "rubber teat."

2. some people up front were passing a joint during IWHO. the band thought that was pretty damn cool.

3. they made some quips about the security guards. Murray: they can't hear us, they've got earplugs in Jian: obviously expecting some other band M: yeah they're all music majors J: they're pissed off cuz we can't play well and it continued on like that :)

4. PISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. personally, i like Jian's new hat, it's pretty nifty. i can't think of many people who could pull it off without looking *totally* ridiculous ;) apparently he's a "Persion cowboy" that was written (no, ridden) out of the history books, kinda like "herstory."

6. before Love Potion #9 they got a clapping thingy going. i don't know what it's called, i'm musically deficient. a round maybe? i dunno. anyways, people stage Dave were the off beat, stage Murray was the opposite of off beat, and people in the middle were triples. i couldn't keep up with it because i have no rhythm, but everybody else was able to keep it up and it sounded incredibly cool. methinks they got a kick of it too. :)

From Emo:

here goes, now that i've had a week:

some things i really liked about the früvous concert:

the music - duh

murray jamming on that bass during green eggs and ham - he stands there and plays for what looks like for dear life and his fingers are blurry, they're goin so fast

jian's new haircut - nice!

talking about jian's hat - that Persian cowboy...

mike scatting during boo time - awesome awesome awesome!

dave saying "i should introduce you to my friend, pain" (gh+h)- that's not easy to do

i love my boss and kick in the ass - they just sounded great!

half as much and that 'who' song - great way to start a perfomance, früvous dedicated the show to the one guy in the audience who knew the words to the who song

früvous jumping up and down - this is probably my favourite part of the performance. it looks really cool, david (friend, not the accordion player) and i jumped up and down too

johnny saucep'n - i signed up for a class on how to play the penny whistle this summer, fyi, yay!

meeting all of them after the concert - i gave them a picture i drew, it's goin' in their scrapbook they say!

dave - met him first, sorry about the disfunctional pens, mr. matheson! we still thought it was cool that you could hold two disfunctional pens, a cigarette, and sign digger's stuff with yet another writing utensil at the same time!

jian - came out second, got my hat signed, cool!

a hug from murray - it was a GOOD hug! i had this sign that said "hey murry, nice shirt" digger an i held it up, they asked me if i knew if murray was going to wear the shirt he was wearing (well, murray always wears neat shirts, so i felt safe making a sign about it)

talking to mike - i got bargainville signed! yay! i'm a mike's person... why didn't i hug mike?... i shoulda hugged mike... i shoulda hugged them all...

david (friend) got all four to sign his hat - he's got an awesome hat

früvous - they're really nice people, but i bet you knew that already.

some things i didn't like about the früvous concert:

smoke everywhere - i guess it was more suprise: i thought all schools were smoke free, i thought wrong

sometimes the audience was being stupid. (I'll hold my breath if you will tell me too. this guy next to me yells "hold your breath!" i thought "he's not goin to hold on to YOU, smartass!")

it was only my first one - i hafta go see more of this!

other stuff:

the king of spain SHOULD be the gaurdian of Elian!

splatter splatter - really cool! there was this percussional riff goin on at the beginning, and it was good

the drinking song - good good good!

i wonder if 'C's going to have more budgiedogs? i like those drawings!

conclusion: moxy früvous is good! i second that! movement carried!

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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