Live Show: 5/4/00


Philadelphia, PA

Reviewed by: Nicole

The Details

I've decided to de-lurk for a bit and write about the WXPN Moxy Fruvous mini-interview. I managed to tape it (even though it turned out to be only 15 minutes or so), and here is the basic rundown of what happened:

--The band came on a little late, and the DJ kept saying that the band would be there "momentarily"--the DJ sounded a little flustered, it was amusing

--Fruvous finally came on, and they bantered a bit about the DJ's resemblance to a hip english professor, the type who would party with the students

--They went on about Sarah Harner (sp?) and the plethora of Canadians featured on WXPN

--They played the "sneak peek" intro of the C album (the one that is online)

--Mike (I think): "So as you can hear, its another album of depressing Moxy Fruvous songs." :)

--They played Pisco Bandito live, which is always a treat to hear! A lyric: "You may think that to steal is wrong, but he's no worse than Jean Valjean"

--They talked about the availability of the C Album, and the Appel Farm concert


You can bid for a Moxy Fruvous concert IN YOUR HOME on June 4th! It is a concert for up to 35 people, and you can bid on WXPN.ORG They laughed and hinted that even though the contest has rules, once you get them there, there are no rules!

"I bid seventeen quid on the Fruvous Lads--they can come play at my house in Ipswich" (Dave? in an old crochety English accent)

They went on and mentioned that once you get them there, they are pretty much at your disposal, and if you aren't into the music that much, you can have them do chores! "I'm good at wainscotting" (one of the guys). The DJ mentioned that they could wear a little maid's outfit, and one of the guys said "well, we do that anyway!"

--Another song played from the C album, which is about killer tents from the Falconridge folk festival that were swallowing people! It is a really bizarre song! Here's a sample lyric: "At Falconridge this summer somehow we've enraged the falcon gods, and tents have turned to creeping crawling body-snatching pods."

--They thanked the DJ and that was pretty much it

So that is the WXPN announcement! It sounds really exciting, and so probably if enough people in the Pennsylvania area team up and bid together, they can get Fruvous to play at their house! Sounds great--good luck bidding!

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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