Live Show: 5/7/00


New Haven, CT

Reviewed by: Sam-I-Am

The Details

Hello Fruheads!

What a great show. Seed Cycle Opened first. Great little local New Haven Band. So I got my usual spot stage Mike up against the stage...made some great friends! ( Hi Guys!). The set was the best I've ever seen. Here's what it reads.

Sad Girl
Lazy Boy
Kick in the Ass
Sticky Floor ( Improv Jam)
Fell in Love
River Valley
Boo Time
Disco Bargainville
Nuits de Reve
King -> Green Eggs
Love Potion Medley

guinea Pig <- New C Album Tune from Mike
Billy Jian
Drinking Song

The set rocked. Some of the highlights....Dave had this awesome solo during was incredible. Toads Place is a great hall...but the place is DISGUSTINGLY FILTHY. Mike said " I went to do my little foot thing during Horseshoes and I couldn't move it...It was stuck!" and Jian talking about how he touched things and has now contracted the Toads Place Virus. The crowd was pretty well assembled by the beginning of the show although there didn't seem to be a great deal of fruheads there. Jian's first mention of Toads was the enormous plastic net that separated the bar from the stage area and made sure to welcome the " drunks on the other side in the cage" the fence became a joke for the night. At one point Dave made the mention that he wanted some vodka...lucky one of my friends on the bar side brought him one and asked the sound guy from Toads to have him tell me happy birthday...but all Dave said was " and to the pretty lady who gave me the vodka...Happy Birthday!". Overall everyone had a great time. Jian came and laid on the stage where we were standing for some of the girls...I don't think I've ever seen anyone melt that fast before. I had Mike's set list @ the end of the night but one unhappy little Fruhead who puts a bad name to the rest of us decided that it was her's. She actually wanted to fight for it and ripped a large circular hole in which point I took the crumpled remains and threw them back at her...oh well...there will be others....maybe she'll grow up one day. Well...must be running...look for my pictures later on...hope that they came out. Have fun everyone!

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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