Live Show: 5/27/00


Sonora, CA

Reviewed by: Drea

The Details

Well guys, I've been asked to do a "Cee-detail like review" and I will at some point, but someone (Adam!) will be on my case if I don't post my long-overdue NoHo review first *g* So, as a teaser, here are the setlists from this past weekend's Strawberry Festival in Camp Mather CA :)

Sat afternoon mainstage (courtesy of Dave's setlist)
Minnie (with some *really* funny lyrics :>)
Guinea Pig

Encore: Disco Bargainville

Can anyone remember the second encore? I remember there being one but it's not on the setlist!

Just a side note: Amy's Cafe benefit (the Sat evening show) sold out long before Fruvous was finished at the signing table post-show.. I'm not sure how many tickets they sold before the set, but I heard people at the merch table looking for tickets after it :) (There were only 160-200 tickets available)

Another side note: Murray mentioned at the signing table that Fruvous would be playing on Canada Day at Kew Gardens in Toronto! *bounce*

Sat night (Amy's Orchid Cafe)
Nowhere Man
(the rest of this set is in no particular order due to faulty memory
Superstitious (Stevie Wonder version.. Mike sang lead.. *wow*)
Play that Funky Music White Boy
Lose that Girl
That Boy (the guys wandered outside to the dancing crowd during this
song, Jian apparently plopping himself into some lady's lap while they
were singing, then the guys came back in through the back door, pointing
to a guy in the back row as "that boy" before returning to the stage)

"the blood begins to flow" jam - this started from a comment from Dave; Jian came up with a drumbeat to go with it, and the guys started this *really* extended jam that just kept going! -songs in this jam included: various Beatles tunes, Like a Virgin, some song that Murray said "I know the chorus really well" but couldn't remember the verses, "the blood begins to flow" theme, and a LOT of other songs I can't remember.. anyone help me here? (Jonathan? Tom? Doug?)

The Oatmeal Song

Encore: Brown Eyed Girl (where we were told "sitting is NOT necessary"- too bad they didn't tell us that before, I spent the entire show bouncing in my chair!)

Second encore: Drinking Song

By the time this show ended it was past 2:30am.. and the guys had to be at the Sunday morning workshop for 11:15 - I felt really sorry for them.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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