Live Show: 6/1/00


Herndon, VA

Reviewed by: Ellen, Ariana & Lawrence

The Details

ok y'all, quick setlist. sorry i don't have time for a review or banter.

Splatter Splatter
Heatseeker Boy
Sad Girl
Lazy Boy
(hey, i just now noticed the boy-girl-boy thing.  heh)
Pisco Bandito
Minnie the Moocher
River Valley
Michigan Militia
Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
Guinea Pig
Greatest Man in America
Nuits de Reve  (now that's a good choice to follow "fly")
Get in the Car
King o Spain
Green Eggs-n-Ham
Love Potion Medley

Encore 1
Disco Bargainville
Brown-Eyed Girl

Encore 2

*was supposed to be Drinking Song but they had to choose something shorter b/c the fireworks were due to begin at any moment.

From Ariana:

After getting my wisdom teeth out last Friday and a painful week at work I left a bit early and went home to pick up my boyfriend for a long, rush-hour drive out to Herndon. Our roommates had already bought tickets to attend the Vault in Baltimore with us the next day, but one of them had stayed home sick for the day so we invited her along.

The drive to the festival was long and traffic on the Beltway was extremely backed up and frustrating. Once we hit the Dulles Toll Road, however, it was smooth sailing and we parked, hopped on the Shuttle Bus and arrived at the festival around 7:15. We grabbed food and arrived at the center stage just in time for Moxy. Although I have seen the band nearly 15 times in the past 5 years I love the outdoor shows.

They started with Splatter Splatter! (which made my boyfriend happy since he did not hear it at the last show at the Birchmere) and went right into Horseshoes. There was some banter at the beginning about them changing their name to Rockapusy and after Horseshoes Jian went on a tangent about the two people who left after the first two bars of the first song and how they left at the wrong time because what Moxy really does is covers of Alanis Morisette all night long.

I don't remember everything they played or the order, but here's what I do remember: Picso Bandito, Fly, GMIA, Guinea Pig, Random sonf about Herndon, after acting as though the speakers were TVs showing the discovery channel they broke into an improv bit about Leather Backs, Minnie the Moocher (at which point in time my roomie leaned over and said she was amazed with Mike's vocal range), KOS/GEH, River Valley, Lazy Boy, Sad Girl, Tureen, Brown Eyed Girl (which won over all the parents in the audience and was when the REST of the crowd got up to dance, Fruheads got up for KOS/GEH), Love Potion Medley and the final encore was Substitute. Jian mentioned they were planning to end on the Drinking Song, but in regards to time and the level of energy in the crowd they played Sub.

We had to catch the shuttle for the long drive home (we all had to work today), but Jian and Dave were a sight laying upside-down to watch the fireworks display that began right after the concert. My roomie thought they were great live, she said what most say, that the album does not really allow newbies to really see their talent and energy. Can't wait to hear what her guitar playing boyfriend, the other roomie, has to say at the Vault.

From Lawrence:

well, having the setlist there does make it easy for me to post my review. :)

I'm not sure, but I think Get in the Car was moved from after River Valley to after Authors... either that or they skipped something else and none of us will ever know what it was. :)

they did a fun improv after Minnie the Moocher that included a bit of "In Herndon" to the tune of "On Broadway." ("They say the midway lights are bright... in Herndon.")

comments about the library the doubled as a planetarium (there was a library near the concert area and it had a giant domed roof) comments about it being a placebo ("For those who don't know, a placebo is a building without any books in it.")

Brown Eyed Girl (which was good to hear again) was introduced as "a song we wrote back in 1920."

I thought it was very odd to hear Substitute at the end (the other times I've heard it it's been the opener) but it was good to hear it...

The sound system could have been a lot better, though... the acoustic guitar sounded really terrible during some songs (like Nuits)

I think that's all from me. I'm sure I'll remember something more later. :)

The Music

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