Live Show: 6/2/00


Baltimore, MD

Reviewed by: Lawrence

The Details

first a setlist, then a review and comments

down from above
too careful
heatseeker boy
sad girl
lazy boy
kick in the ass
boo time
disco b'ville
guinea pig
i will hold on
fell in love
get in the car
your new boyfriend
psycho killer
michigan militia
if only

they left out tureen/sauce due to time constraints, and the setlist had the Drinking Song as the final encore, but they replaced it with If Only.

after Laika, they went into a long improv about Human Sacrifice (not TMBG's "I've Learnt the Value of Human Sacrifice," though) and indicated that an audience member would be sacrificed by the end of the show. (sadly, they did not follow through with that promise)

before Sad Girl, Jian told a story about making the video, where it turned out that the "star actress" was an ex-girlfriend of his and had a way of telling the story that was much more amusing than I can relate here. so, uh, get the tape eventually. :)

Kick in the Ass was... interesting... to say the least. "People telemarketing, calling during supper... I'll find who did it, they'll... show me their face!"

Later, in Boo Time, we got a second verse of "When every wanker's wound up tight, *still* frigid, fractious..."

Disco Bargainville was really fun. It took them about three tries to get the intro, and during the second one, someone yelled out "Four! Seven!" after everyone had yelled two. This led into the reprise of Kick in the Ass. "That guy who shouted in Video Bargainville... he gets a Kick in the Ass..." They finally did get through the song, ending it with the "No No No Raja" line.

Jockey was a nice surprise, and Dave got "stuck" at the keyboard for it. Mike was still in his Disco B'Ville position, and Dave walked over to try to get the accordion but was completely blocked, so we heard it with some great piano backing instead (it still sounded great! :)

BJ was a very pleasant surprise. For the entire intro, I wasn't sure if it was going to be BJ or Splatter. The last line had something to do with Cal Ripken...... Jr.

Fell in Love. Fell in Love. that's all I have to say. Fell in Love. wow.

They did Right Wing Shit with a slightly different intro... "The problem is... my ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend... is Rudy Guiliani!"

Psycho Killer had *many* false starts. Lots of clapping...

Believe was introduced using the Fly intro of "it's about a breakup," and "If you've ever had someone break up with you, then GOOD!" :)

the sound was MUCH better than Thursday. and the Vault seemed to do a decent job of not making a huge amount of noise during the set (especially Fell in Love, where everything was *silent* except for the guys)

The Music

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Misc. Info

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