Live Show: 6/3/00


Elmer, NJ

Reviewed by: Rai

The Details

Now, I know y'all are getting hyped up on all the talk about the auction concert, but I figured that this needed to be posted, considering that I wrote it out already and couldn't really get to the ng until now. ::poignant glare at her little brother and evil satan computer::

Anyway, Appel Farm, right. Hey, this concert marks my fourth Fruvous concert. Why that's momentus, I do not know.

Well, as usual, the lads did impress. It was more of a sullen, somber crowd than normal Frushows, partially because of the fact that only 75% of the crowd seemed to know who Fruvous was and partially because it was semi-hot/humid outside. But no matter. The guys lived up to their name and that's all that mattered.

They opened with a song that I've heard before, but I'm not sure of the name. All I remember about it was that it was a cappella (my FAVOURITE!) and that they plugged C in a BIG honkin' way. (The lyrics were along the lines of "Buy our new disk" while Jian held C up for everyone to see... or C. Heh.)

Now, I don't have a set list, but I remember (not in a particular order), MBLABOA (The first time I've heard "I was looking straight." Seemed to scare my friend Katie. ), Pisco, YWGTTM, Lazy Boy, Michy, Guinea Pig, Dancing Queen, If Only You Knew, Minnie, Splatter^2, KoS --> GE&H (Elian intro, "I see dead people"), and the one lone encore was Disco.

Some banter included a bit on supporting the Canadian economy and how all the money goes back to the US anyway ("If you see one of us walking around, don't hesitate to give us money to support the Canadian economy. After all, it comes back to you!") There was also a bit of banter about how one of the hotels they stayed in had a few extra buttons on the phone: Room Service, Front Desk (?), and Pizza ("With a little picture of a slice of pizza on it!"). This lead into a pizza improv which was interrupted by someone standing on the sides making "stop" or "I'm choking" (not sure, couldn't tell from where I was) signals with their hands. Why? Not sure, but they restarted the Pizza improv and went directly into Michy.

Around KoS a large group of people began to stand up which remained up until the end. The same thing appened at Allentown, if I recall. No one seemed to mind though. I guess that's the known "everyone stand up and dance" song now, huh.

Personal Highlights (this is where you people just in it for the review can stop... these are just some things I found personally intriguing):

Remember how I said that they were talking about the Canadian economy and we should support it? Well, my friends Dee, Katie and I decided to do just that. So we each got a quarter, pooled them together, and gave them to Jian. I "voulenteered" (victimed) to be the one to talk to him, but the conversation was pretty funny. Jian gave us a weird look and accepted our $0.75 which we later determined he probably spent on some sort of sno cone. (Why? I dunno, 'twas a funny hypothetical situation though.)

I also enjoyed meeting Not Dave, and babysitting him. I brought my plastic squeeky man "Doodle" (it's his nick name. His real name is Cornelius Angelus Finklestein III, but we won't go into that), which was called "Pac Man", "The Wal-Mart Guy" and, by Mike Ford, something obscure that I completely forget (Dee, help?). Anyway, he has been tattooed and is pleasantly hanging from the bottom of my bed (it's a loft) where all can see.

That's about it. I can't say enough on how much fun it is to see Fruvous, especially after taking the SATs that morning. They (being Fruvous, not the SATs) were defintely the highlight of my week and brought up the mysterious feeling of "happiness" that I recall from days before the period known as "the five weeks until school ends" came along.

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