Live Show: 6/7/00


Cambridge, MA

Reviewed by: Amy

The Details

Wednesday was spent walking around in Boston shopping for clothes. Thanks to Luella, our awesome tour guide, we didn’t get lost and saw some really cool places. Definite highlights: the bookstore/café where we ate lunch (good, good food, peeps!) and chillin in the park. Comment from Anna concerning the people running: something along the lines of “Can I lie on you so I can loose weight osmosifically?” Yup, my thoughts exactly.

On our way back to the car, we were consumed in the search for the materials to complete Jian’s birthday presents. Still, no luck. I felt like we were under great pressure considering that we had only one more day to finish the job. After going to all the mom and pop stores, we resorted to the one place we all knew would have the needed supplies to get the job done right: Wal-Mart.

6.7.2k~House of Blues~Cambridge, Mass

I was supposed to have met up with my girl, Amanda, around 2am Wednesday morning at our hotel, but she never showed. I was getting concerned while the crowd in HOB got bigger and bigger, with no sign of Amanda.

We ended up front row stage Murray/Jian because people got to the Dave side before us. It was ok. I had been on the Murray/Jian side before. I dealt. J

I would give you the setlist for this night, but I left Jian’s setlist in the hotel and hopefully Anna or Mindy picked it up for me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if it is gone for ever…

Plus, I can’t remember the banter either. Hopefully the girls will help me out by sharing their memories with all of us. What I can tell you is that I, yes, Amy, took part in the emphasizations during Present Tense Tureen. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I couldn’t sign along because I was concentrating so hard on locating every instance where I needed to say ‘pot’ and ‘bowl.’ Plus, it should be noted that Murray introduced the song as a story about a bowl containing a small amount of a substance known as pot. So, we can safely say that this is what these guys may be singing about.

Ten seconds before midnight, we did a countdown to Anna’s 21st birthday. This countdown coincided very nicely with the beginnings of Get in the Car. So cool. And, after the song, the guys wished Anna a happy birthday. I’m sure that made her night.

The entire concert we were ghetto-fied once again and dancing and stuff. Murray was very amused with us, I must say. And, I’ll have to admit that chillin Murside is definitely cool with me. I’d do it again… after I get the girls on Daveside again, of course.

After the show, I went on a search for Amanda. I still couldn’t find her. After doing a sweep of the bar (which I had no idea why she would be there since she doesn’t drink, but I had to check just in case), I started to head for the bathroom to see if she was in there. Then, I practically ran into her. And man, has she grown up in the month since I saw her. She’s drop dead gorgeous, y’all. Ok, so I think I’m embarrassing her, so I’ll leave it at that.

This time I bought myself a copy of the C album and yes, all the guys came out. So cool. They all signed my cd and I was happy. J

We left at the wee hours of the night/morning again and headed for home. But wait, Amanda and her friend, Melissa, needed to run an “errand,” so I went with them. We got lost finding the store and got lost trying to get back to the hotel. We finally got there at 4am and crashed.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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