Live Show: 6/9/00


Winooski, VT

Reviewed by: Chris & Robin

The Details

Hi all, I finally made it to a Frü I'm in complete awe. It was incredible. Anyway, here's what Dave's setlist said. Non-setlist things are in brackets.

Subs [New song?  Substitute?  Anyone know?]
["Massachusets sucks" banter]
[People @ the bar jam --> Talking Heads jam -->"Can't touch this" jam]
Heetseek [Dave broke a string!]
E1:  Vid
E2:  [Billie Jian Medley]
	[The Drinking Song]

A fantastic show. I nearly had a coronary laughing so hard with some of the banter...a full review to follow.

From Robin:

Hi There Y'all! Well, we've survived our Monday & Tuesday, so at long last - here's my review:

After driving 6 hours (through some horrendous thunder/lightening storms, we make it to our friend, Donna's, house in Burlington. She arrives home just after we arrive & we head out for food & balloons (Sara & Kelsey wanted to give Jian balloons & some little home-made gifts for his birthday - sweet kids, right?).

There's a delay at the door due to some late sound checks. Once in, and the show starts, there's an opening band: 1/2 of a group called 'Salad Days'. They were accoustic & OK (nice to hear accoustic music!)

Martina comes on next - we've seen her in Toronto - & is her enjoyable self!

At about 11:10 p.m., the lads come on, and so, here's my notes!:

- They open with a bit of Teddy Bear's Picnic!  (way cool, 'specially
for Sara, Kelsey & me as this is a great kids tune!)
- Substitute (an old Who tune)
- Horseshoes
some Winooski banter (which I didn't jot down - but did y'all know
Winooski is a local American Indian translation for the word Onion? -
thanx, Adam H.!)
- BJ (with some after-banter about rather having a TON of Ben &
then there's some banter from Jian regarding the people in the
periphery - either they're too scared to move up or have a need to
stay by the bar! into -
- The People at The Bar ditty - into
- Psychedelic Jam in Winooski (with the people at the periphery/bar
remaining at the bar!)
- A bit of a 'Whip It' improv
- Tears of a Clown - into
- Heatseeker Boy
some banter - 'Whanking' jokes, etc. (it was dark in there, I couldn't
get it all down!)
- Sad Girl
- Lazy Boy
- Kick in The Ass
banter regarding how beautiful Vermont is, especially at 'Leaf-Peeper'
- Pisco
a bit of Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground'
- Boo Time:
	Hey Winooski
	Have a Brewski
	Nice Place 2 Ski
	Mrs. Beardsley
	Higher Groundin'
	Buds Aboundin'
	How's It Soundin'?
	Where's My Exedrin?
	(Thanx to Kelsey for getting Mike's set-list :)    !)
- Michigan Militia
banter regarding if Vermont were to move to California - similar
mindsets, etc.  Also, one can smell the pot at the first toll both
into Vermont! (on a personal note, the route we generally take to
Vermont has no tollbooth, but we always take the same route!),
although the lads are not suggesting anyone investigate the area -
especially the young'uns there.
- Present Tense Tureen
- Johnny Sauce'n
Rght about here Jian has waved at the (periphery) bar folk & they have
waved back - although not moved too far forward!
Now some Thornhill banter & (sidle up to the - hey big boy - what if
it's a girl, etc.!) into some lighting banter & Murray thriving in the
shadows (i think my notes are tough to read!), and a bit more of the
'hey big boy!
Here there is the announcement that it's Casual Friday (although Dave
didn't get the memo!) and apologies for being SO relaxed!
Jian realizes that they don't really need to play music!  (banter is
- I Will Hold On
- My Poor Generation
some Elian banter - into -
- King of Spain
- Green Eggs & Ham
- My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors
- Get In The Car (which my friend, Donna, really liked)
- Psycho Killer - at which point the lads exit!

Encore 1:  re-enter & the audience sings Happy Birthday to Jian!
Jian says someone has baked him a wonderful cake & all are welcome to
partake - first come, first served - providing they can eat with
fingers! - into 
- a Live Together ditty - into
- Disco Bargainville!

Encore 2:
- the Billy Jean into Love Me, Love Me back to Billy Jean back to Love
Me (some banter - i can't read my own writing - it was after all
written in the dark!) - 
ending with -

- The Drinking Song

They finished up at 1:10 a.m.-ish!

It was a terrific show & Sara, Kelsey & I (mostly Sara) had a wonderful conversation with Jian.

Of course, before the show started, we got to chat a bit with Dave & Murray (who excused Kelsey & my absence from Appel Farm due to a Girl Scout camping trip!)

We met a wonder magician who just moved to the Burlington area - his name is Great Scott (if you need a magician for a show - let us know, we have his info! - he travels - )

All in all it was a GREAT evening - even after all the driving! Our weekend (Sara, Kelsey & Me) continued to be very busy - visiting with our friend, Donna, and the girl she mentors (big-sister's) - we did the Farmer's Market near Church Street in Burlington, played mini-golf (at an indoor mini-golf center 'Pizza Put'), and just generally catching up! (a P.S. here to Great Scott the Magician - look into the Pizza Put for a place to perform - or try Church Street!)

I hope this satisfies the thirst to know about the show - it was definitely 'Casual Friday' and well worth the trip! Any questions? Let me know!

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