Live Show: 6/15/00


Cleveland, OH

Reviewed by: Donna

The Details

Hey Hey! Fruvous was in Cleveland! I love that!

Mike's Setlist:

	Nickle Odeon
	Fruvous at the Odeon
	Sarah Harmer
	Musical Charmer

	Cayahoga [Sp... the Cuyahoga is the river that runs through
	 		  Cleveland, the Odeon is on its West Bank]
	Hatha Yoga
	Wear a Toga
	[Foccacia Bread--we think.  It was the last "rhyme"--but I 		
	couldn't really hear it... so, Focaccia Bread it is.]
	[smokin' a little boo w/ the fruvous crew]	
**"Somebody's Dead.  What Channel?  Improv	

(Dancing Queen Medley/ Drinking Song)

Sarah Harmer opened, and I have to confess, I really couldn't hear her. ^kat^ sang in my ear stuff that she knew, and Debbie said "I bet she'd be great to hear at The Ark [in Ann Arbor]." But I guess she wasn't Odeon material. What I could almost hear, sounded nice. I won't start to complain about the Odeon's sound... it's such a hole.

I must say I tend to enjoy any show that begins w/ "Subsitute"--I don't know why.

And I really like "Guinea Pig." I love how it's soft and sweet and bitingly political. It's my favorite "new" song.

It was a fun show, plenty of people (although I don't think there were as many as in Sept.)--and I feel that most of those people were pretty inactive. It wasn't the dancingest crowd.

The Improv** was damn funny. It was also damn long. And, it didn't really evolve into the "Fruvous plays the 80's" which it seems most of their long improvs do. It started out because Jian was talking about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (sp?), which developed into a discussion of "Survivor", which tangented into putting the two pop stars on an Island to duke it out, and Mike commented that if someone actually died, people would watch. Heck, he would. And suddenly, an improv was born. At the end it did wind around into Offspring's (I think!?) "Ya Gotta Keep 'em Separated"... but the main gist of it was "Somebody's dead. What Channel?"

Jian used it again during the instrumental section of "Michigan Militia"--you know the part where Chad thinks he's saying "Too cold to hold, we're called the Ghostbusters and we're in control" (or at least it scans that way).

During the "Not the Beatles" Break, Murray played the intro to "Day Tripper" (by the Beatles... duh!) two separate times, which I hadn't heard before, and certainly floated my boat. Mike pretended he was Haley Joel Osment with the whole "I see Dead People" schtick, during the "Look what you've done to *him*!" break. Mike also wore shades throughout the entire show. Dark ones. He's so hard core. ;)

For PsychoKiller, Jian played up the crowd big time, repeating the cut-offs several times... but there was always like, one person not paying attention--and this one audience member who offered up Loud Commentary. I think Jian had decided to start the "I can't seem to face up to the facts..." when said audience member shouts "One more try!" so he stepped out from behind the drum set, laughing, and had us do it one more time. Perfect. ;)

And Jane Scott was at the show! I know most of you won't know her... but back in the days when Cleveland DJ's coined the phrase "Rock-n-Roll" she was one of the first folk to interview a lot of "rock stars." She's historically important, and she still writes for the "Plain Dealer" (Cleveland's daily newspaper). She's an Institution of Cleveland. :) I know she talked to a few fans, and some other woman and I chatted with her about the folks who "follow" fruvous, and I also know Jian got to talk with her after the show. If they get a write up, and I hope they do, I'll let y'all know.

All right, that's it from me! Tired!

The Music

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Misc. Info

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