Live Show: 6/17/00


Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Reviewed by: Miyax, Jacey, Alex & Robin

The Details

fruvy wrote: > > in regards to dave the translator, i must say it was impressive > to see how he signed all the words to the chorus of johnny > saucep'n today (day 2):)

Hells yeah! I heard one guy a few blankets in front of me comment, "He's the only one ever been able to keep up" ^_^

Guess I'll conglomerate a review of the rainy day 2 into this thread...because I can :Ž Now, keep in mind that this was not only my first Fruconcert, but my first concert in general, and despite having lived in Ossining (about five min. tops from Croton Point Park) my entire life, this was my first Clearwater. So I'm gonna be a bit biased...

And my two Fruconverts and I decided we are doing this every year ^_^|/

Anywho, *lots* of onstage banter on the second day...Vance Gilbert got off on time, however Tanglefoot ("The Other Canadian Band") took about 20min to set up...despite that, they were done on time ^_^ Then Moxy took THIRTY MINUTES to set feet were directly in the mud the entire time. Great stuff ^_^ Then they came on stage, and throughout their extended show had *consierable* energy and enthusiasm. Murray was off the hook, to say the least, and Jian couldn't stay still for the life of him ^_^

Something of a set list (from what I can randomly recall):

-Splatter^2 (opening)
-something off C (Pisco Bandito IIRC)
-I Will Hold On
-You Will Go to the Moon
-Michigan Milita
-The Kids' Song ("Do you have a gender bias?" "My sister has three!" 
The band looks at Murray strange, then he walks over to Mike and
whispers in the cutest voice, "I see dead people." ^o^  Definite
highlight of the show)
-Heatseaker Boy (IIRC)
-Psycho Killer (closing)

I'm sure there was more to the set, but that's all I can remember, and out of order at that ^_^ Anywho, to say the least, they had the audience rolling on the floor the entire show. At one point, the randomly broke into a familar song--and had the audience subconciously singing along.

Not a single one of us realized it was, "Baby One More Time" until we got to the actual lyrics, "Hit me baby one more time" ^_^ Quite pitiful on our part...yet all in good fun ^_^

Anywho, the croud totally loved them and the Frulads made the most of it...for the love of God, tell me there's someone out there with a bootleg; particularly of, "The Kids' Song" ^_^

This five minute hack review brought to you by your friendly neighborhood psuedoregular, miyax® ^_^|/

From Jacey:

so just to add to Alex's review, and ramble on a litte in general about my day:

This was kinda a last minute thing: I had been planning on going on sunday, but when I finally gogt around to ordering my tickets on Wednesday, I got the whole weekend pass. The main motivation for this was The Nields, who I'd never seen live. So after sitting in much traffic due to a telephone pole that was on fire in Sleepy Hollow, I got to the park, and almost precisely as I enter the gates, the rain starts.

So I pull out my trusty (but ugly) rain coat, and walk to the stage. To my delight, it's nearly empty, and I grab a spot right up front. Of course, no one's playing, since aparantly "rain or shine" means you can *sit* in the rain, but the music only happens during the shine.

Anyway, the concert starts up again around 10 to 6, when I discover, in typical Jen fashion... I'm at the wrong stage. I get to the *real* stage in plenty of time, but was farther back than I'd hoped. Anyway, it turned out to be a spot with a great view, and was interesting to see how some people who were unacquainted with the band at all reacted. (Very positive). Anyway, here's how the set went:

--A few lines of "little red corvette," and a promise of a whole show of songs by the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince. Or something like that.

--River Valley

--Get in the Car

--BJ (at this point the dancing was in full swing to the right of the stage. Jian says "Go Neilds!" and sure enough, there were --and forgive me if I misidentify them-- Nerissa and Dave Neilds dancing away. Very cute ;-)

--Boss ("what GE will be bringing," them of the river-destroying folk)

--Pisco (Jian asks Muray if he ever feels like Jimmy Buffet playing that song)

--Here they explain how they had to cut some songs to shorten the set, and they were now at a crossroads. They could either continue with the fun upbeat stuff, or play a slower, folkie love song. Crowd is obviously all for upbeat. JIan expresses worry that people will then think that's all they do. Murray notes that migth not be a bad thing. Upbeat is decided upon. Then Mike says they cut some song I didn't recognize the name of-- I suppose a rather famous slow song. Jian says "No we're cutting I Will Hold On and I hate you all.")

--Boo Time ("Fruvous brainstorm/ Sudden rainstorm/ Here in the field/ We love the Nields")

--Guinea Pig

--"Looking for a guardian for Elian" bit, where, when Jian mentions that all bearded men are evil, the sign language interpreter --Dave McClosky? same guy from last year, who generally resembles Santa--shoots him a look ;-)

--King of Spain ("Who is curious about my epilogue?" Murray: "I remain curious, King." "You're still curious?" "Yes, I remain curious despite having heard it over 3,000 times.")

--Green Eggs and Ham ("Not the Beatles!" A phone rings behind the stage. "That's fucking Yoko on the phone right now!" ; at the "look what you've done to him" part, Mike breaks into "Elian lives in America" a la West Side story. I also wanted to add that the only thing better than watching the signer trying to keep up with Johnny Saucp'n last year was watching him sign GE&H this year. Not only fast, but much longer ;-)

--Disco Bargainville (during Murray's "step out," he gives us the bass line from Another One Bites the Dust.)

And that's it. No encore, as everything was late. Though, as Alex mentioned, they did come out during the Nields set to sing on Jack the Giant Killer. (Well, at least 3 of them did-- if Dave was out there, he was obstructed from my view by a Nield or 2. Or maybe there's just a quota on how mnay daves are allowed on one stage at one time...)

Anyway, I wanted to give an appreciative tip of the hat to whoever made the "Big Ass Fruvous Flag." And I had great fun watching all you dancing folk off to the side. Maybe tomorrow I'll join you, if I'm feeling a bit more like actually moving ;-)

Overall, a beautiful day. Tomorrow should be fun ;-)

From Alex:

Uh, nobody has mentioned it yet, so i guess i'll be the first.

The clearwater festival today was a blast. It was really really hot, but then it started raining, the rain ended around 530 with enough time for it to be nice for mf's set. Unfortunatly, the rainbow stage was running 30min behind schedule so the set got shortened.

I would guess maybe 2000 people were at the stage, hundreds were dancing on the side and the rest just sat around. I dont get why they weren't on the bigger "Hudson River Stage". But it was good regardless. Setlist went something like this:(not necessarily in the right order)

River Valley

Get in the Car

B.J. Don't Cry

I Love my Boss

Boo Time (Smoking some boo, with the Fruvous Crew)


Video Bargainville

A couple songs from the C album were there as well. I dont own the disc yet, so i cant name them. One was "the guinea pig song" or something. And i'm drawing a blank on the other.

Not much banter between the guys. Probably the best Green Eggs and Ham i've ever seen. The whole crowd was really into it. And they came on stage and sang backup for one of the Nield's songs.

I'd write more but i'm wayyyy to tired. I cant wait for tomorrow's show.

From Robin:

Well, I hope this works out OK - I'm trying to post this from my own name (robinkat) - - - so here goes:

The weekend started excellently - new tent, all four of us (& the tent went up in 15 mins!); so we headed down the hill to the festival! It was 'warm', we wandered & watched, took in Dar Williams (she was great, as usual!) and wandered about near the river! In our trek back towards the Rainbow Stage, we encountered Dave (Mr. Dave - the King of Spain!) - almost walked right into him! (Sorry, Dave - we were hot & weary!) Stopped for some lemonade (clearwater has the best lemonade!), and returned to our blanket. There was some serious rain for 15/25 minutes - we got really wet, but stayed (especially since we were camping & the dry stuff was in the car - over the hill - at our campsite!) So the lads come on at 7:05 p.m. (by my watch!) - Alex got the gist of it - but we did write down the order of songs (but not the banter, sorry!):

6/17 - 
- River Valley (the sound cuts out, but the lads play on!)
- Get In The Car
- BJ
- I Love My Boss
- Pisco
- Boo Time (yahoo, i'd be there!)
- Guinea Pig (first time i've heard this aside from the C-Album   :)  
- King of Spain (Sara, our 19-yr-old-new-frufan - loved this) . . .
- Green Eggs & Ham (Sara's other fav!)
- Video Disco Bargainville (they ended at 7:50 p.m.)

unfortunately, there's no encore since the rain has delayed all the acts - but we're to look forward to tomorrow - - -

- sometime during the off-stage time, we get to chat with various members of Fruvous (and Sara is truly sorry she didn't bring her 'own' car!) - and, so, we leave the girls with a 9:30 p.m. campsite curfew! They meet us at the tent & we realize we've forgotten our Crokinole set (try it, you'll like it)!

The Music

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