Live Show: 6/18/00


Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Reviewed by: Jacey, Robin & Sally

The Details

..take two ;-) Let's hope the computer holds out long enough for me to finish typing this one. This review will be a bit less complete than the Day 1 review, as the lure of the dancing proved too great, and I abandoned the notes on the blanket ;-)

The band on before them (Tanglefoot?): "I have to say, I have a little fruvous envy, and I'm man enough to admit it." Another band member: "We all do, [insert name of first band member here], we all do..."

here's how the show went:

--They come out, with Jian singing "Dead or Alive," and we are promised a show
full of songs by Bon Jovi. It is noted that today's crowd is "smaller but
heartier" than yesterday's. Murray points out that "the rain separated the real
folk fans from the dilitantes." Jian mentions that yesterdays show was a fun,
upbeat, great set, so today they're only aiming for  high medium. 
--Splatter Splatter (Murray mentions that his favorite part of that song was
seeing the ASL sign for head exploding ;-) 
--Horseshoes (from their second album, Slippery When Wet, which sold 11 million
--Here they begin the hard sell on the C album, with either Murray or Mike
calling it "the perfect album for people who like to do funny dances at home
alone." Jian then suggests that just one of us buy it, and put it up on
Napster. "Sure, we won't make any money, but it'll be great." 
--Throughout the set thus far, the power has been sporadic at best, cutting out
in the middle of songs sometimes. (For those who don't know, the Clearwater
Festival aims to be entirely solar powered.) The power cuts out again, and when
it comes back on, Jian says "This is the fucking Nields. Even when they're not
playing the same day as us." They reveal how the Neilds hire attendees, at $10
a pop, to pull the plug out at opportune moments. These spies are actually
disguised as small children (gestures made to the two little girls merrily
on a rock right in front of the stage ;-) 
--Heatseeker Boy 
--Jian does a slow, acoustic verse of "...Baby One More Time." Murray: "And
many of you came here to *escape* that song." Jian dedicates the next song to
Brittney, Christina, and the like. 
--Sad Girl (from Keeping the Faith) 
--Lazy Boy 
--Pisco (Somehwere in the middle of this song, Vance Gilbert comes from back
stage, and walks over to the side of the stage where Jian is--normally 'stage
Dave'--and says something to him. Jian makes a little kicking motion in his
direction, and Vance and friend go to the area in front of the stage to take a
seat. Before he can, though, Jian, instead of singing "Antonio Banderes," says
"An obnoxious Vance Gilbert." Vance lifts up his shirt and shakes his...
chest-u-lar region towards the stage, and then sits) 
--They introduce the next song as being sung by someone "even older than Vance
Gilbert." Mike: "I'm so old, Pete Seeger's my godson.."  
--Minnie (they encourage responses from everybody, not just "those taking the 
--Michigan Militia 

OK, here's where things get fuzzy. The songs are right, but I don't remember any of the chatter:

--Saucp'n (and I take back what I said in the Day 1 review-- *nothing* is
better than watching the signing of Saucp'n. Oh-- and for those who asked, the
signer was defninitely Dave McClosky; the question mark I put after it was only
for the correctness of my spelling) 
--The Kids' Song (Mike points to the little girl still climbing on the rock,
and she goes running to the comforting arms of a friendly adult to the side of
the stage.) 
--I Will Hold On 
--Get in the Car 
--Psycho Killer (Jian does the "clap along, clap, along, clap along... stop"
thing twice, but there are still the few slackers ;-) Anyway, he goes into the

"I'm going to start signing the opening line any minute now" thing, when someone yells "one more time!" So he comes back out to the front of the stage, and gives us one more go at it. We still didn't get it quite right ;-)

And that's it. Despite the crowd's very fervant cheers for more, the announcers made it very clear no encore was forthcoming. They did a signing line afterwards, but we opted for the juggling lessons instead (if anyone knows where I left my coordination, please feel free to return it.)

Despite the cloudy skies, the rain held out for at least the whole tiome I was here. Overall, a good time, and a nice way to spend father's day.

From Robin:

Morning dawns AOK on 6/18, we arise, and then it rains! - so we un-pitch our tent at maximum speed! All's ok - we're packed & down at the parking lot by 9:30 a.m.! (Congrats to our kids - you guys did 'way cool' work!) The day is spent wandering & watching various musical 'sets' - did any of you take in the "Sea Chanteys" at the 'Circle of Song'? - it was great fun! (and dry!) Also, we did the 'Interactive Shakespere Workshop' for Kelsey & it was great fun! Leaving there, we encounter Jian who is on his way towards the Rainbow Stage (we should've let Sara wander away!) - but we're on our way to get into some semi-dry clothes! Our next stop is The Rainbow Stage & luckily we get to see 'Tanglefoot' (recommended by Andrea & Paul - t'anx to you both!). They are great fun (since we also love sea chanteys/irish jigs, etc.) and we watch from the sidelines - so's not to interrupt the audience already on the field.

We head towards our blanket (very wet blanket!) and at 4:55 p.m. the Sunday show begins. Now, I can't top the posts already made, simply since I didn't take notes on banter - all I did was jot down the set-list, so here it is:

- BonJovi Cowboy intro? (w/some banter about the hardier crowd -
that's us! - no requests - no spitting) - into
- Splatter, Splatter
- Horseshoes - the sound cuts outs AGAIN!, but they continue -
- Heatseeker Boy
(Hit me Baby & banter)
- Sad Girl
- Lazy Boy
- You Will Go To The Moon
- Pisco
- Minnie the Moocher!
- Michigan Militia (again the power cuts out & back on)
- Present Tense Tureen (pardon my spelling if it's incorrect!)
- Johnny Saucep'n - & Mr. Dave, the interpreter, did another TERRIRIC
job - he always does!
- The Kid's Song (whereupon the cute kid(s) on the rock took off for
safer turf!
- I Will Hold On
- My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors
- Get In The Car
- Psycho Killer

Well, again time was pressed, so there was no encore, but it was - all in all - another wonderful show from our friends - Mike, Dave, Murray and Jian (we're still in luck!) -

There was a 'meet & greet' table, albeit it very long & so we chatted with various friends (& hopefully either we'll - or Sara - will see them at FRFF!) -

So that's my post - hope it takes (since I'm not using Deadhead, but my own name) - additionally, hello to Carolyn & Athena, Andrea & Paul, Gordon & the fellow from Venezuela who sat next to us on Saturday!

From Sally:

Late review for Clearwater Day 2

My brother and I arrived at the festival at around 3:45, give or take a few minutes, right? walk around. Find a patch of grass and sit down with my brother. He decides he's gonna run off to my car and get some floor mats so our asses don't get muddy.

I see Dan Collea, one of my school's science teachers, fruvous virgin, sitting in the grass and he calls me over, offering me a seat next to him on his large water proof jacket. We talk about how he just saw tanglefoot and how my friend Zach just left for home. So there I am standing and after a few minutes I look back behind the stage and I see Jian talking to two teen girls and showing off his setlist. I walk over, exchange a hello and a hug. He said that Early Morning Rain was cut. After I expressed grief over that, he offered reasoning: "Any song sung about rain under gloomy skies would just bring no good."

The show overall was excellent, despite Jian tellng me how much I would've enjoyed it had I shown up the day before...

They opened with something i can't remember and played (in no particular order)

Half As Much (not played, though i saw it on a setlist)
sad girl
heatseeker boy 
get in the car 
present tense tureen 
kids song 
lazy boy 
psycho killer 
i will hold on 

there were teasers of bon jovi's "dead or alive," complete with a priceless falsetto Self-echoed "wanted" from jian, and britney spears' "one more time" and how the song was a commentary on today's abusive youth. Funny, for the first time since i've heard the song, it sounded bearable.

So the show ends, no encore, nothing. People immediately flock to the Früvan like moths to a lamp at midnight. So my brother and I go off to the merch table (guess it was really a buffet table of music) where we stood around for at least 10 minutes behind 20 or 30 VERY indecisive people. *I* knew what I wanted and, of course, it was at the end of the line. I get the C album, arrive at the autograph line, wait around again. Twenty minutes later after my brother and I got petitioned for Clearwater cleanup, Mike and Dave get up from the table (they'd been sitting on metal chairs for at least an hour at this point *ouch*) Dave signed my cd liner and that went as follows:

Dave: Hi
Me: Hi, *I extend my hand* My name is Sally
Dave: Hello Sally, my name is Sally *insert small pause* I mean Dave
Me: Oh your name is Sally too?  That's impressive. *laugh* 
Dave: Oh really?  How so?
Me: Well, I've only met one other Sally in my life time so thank you.
Dave: I suppose this means you're moving up in the world :)  

So he signs my cd and from Mike, I got an "abstract" budgie, as he put it. uhhhh.....what else?

Oh yes. When I approached Murray with my cd, I said "Would you like to sign my petition?"

Three seconds later, after realizing I was just being a smart-ass and was sliding my cd liner towards him, he signs it. Murray: What's your cause?

Me: uh....*insert awkward pause, eyes darting around the scene* Murray: How's music sound to you? Me: How original! Murray: It would have to be creative so as not to be confused with VH1's Save the Music campaign. You'd be stepping on all these copyright laws, get sued and it just wouldn't be pretty.

Jian's sitting next to him. The man gets up and hugs me after I tell him that as promised, I come bearing a gift. I hand him an envelope filled with cards from me, Maggie and Melissa, and from my deemed Mary Poppins bag I take out the gift. He signs my "C" liner and we get into a very funny conversation revolving around sad clowns and shoeshine. I get 2 pictures with him and then go sit by the river, taking some photos of the landscape. Soon afterwards, I had to leave the show cause it was getting late and I wanted to beat the traffic.

Great day, nice drive, good lake, excellent show, nice guys.

The Music

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Misc. Info

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