Live Show: 6/24/00


Pittsburgh, PA

Reviewed by: Mike, John & Kimberly

The Details

Once again, Moxy Fruvous descends on Pittsburg...And, once again, it was my birthday...

Greetings my intrepid little Fruheads...The Pittsburgh Michael Wood here with another of my patented "Somehow-he-manages-to-write-a-review-without-actually -reviewing-anything-" concert review for this day, June 24th, 200...My 27th birthday...

As I sit here in my lonely cell at the "Our-Lady-of-Perpetual-Suffering-School-for-Wayward-Boys-and-Rodeo-Clowns" , basking in the blue-hued glow of my computer, I can't imagine how to put in writing the experience I just...ehm...experienced...And while this is, in fact, a web site devoted to Moxy Fruvous, I find it VERY important to mention what a kick-booty radio station our little town has...And that is WYEP...Member supported, full of classy cats and kittens playing what may be the most eclectic music selections known to man. From Techno-industrial to bluegrass, baby..I mean it. In ONE day..In one hour sometimes..These D.J.'s play what they want, when they want. And if it weren't for WYEP, many of the folks here would never have HEARD of Moxy Fruvous let alone any of the other bands that played at the free festival today..

"WHAT THE..? Did you say FREE?"

I sure did...We had Janis Ian, Entrain, Wild Colonials, Jill Sobule, and like a ton of other bands that I just can't recall the names of (I suck that way) play here, behind the Andy Warhol Museum on our town's north side... So I stood in the hear from 2:30 and had a BLAST...

So, YES, Fruvous's set was AMAZING..Better I think than the last show (at Grafitti) where they all seemed a tad bit preocupied). They played a great selection of tunes...A really good mix of everything...After a bit of problems getting the sound all set (it took, no kidding, about an hour...) they opened with the Who's "Substitute" ...Went on to a great selection of standards...some highlights: "Minne the Mootcher" laced with Pittsburg-flavored sarcasm...Jill Sobule helping with guitars on "Jockey Full of Bourbon" (the chick rocks, let me tell you...and "Lazy Boy" after someone I don't know sent the request in to the band via TELEGRAM..Can you dig that? TELEGRAM! The boys seemed to dig this too.

Great show...Being pressed up against a lovely woman who is nameless (never introduced myself) shaking her money-maker..Added to the fun. Joining me on this great musical journey/ birthday celebration were Bauhaus, Brother-of-Bauhaus, The Great Converter, Christy (a newbie), karen Angel and her new man, and about like 8 billion other people..

No, honestly now..I know this review may be pointless, but it's really to say SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PUBLIC RADIO STATION...You treat them nice, they'll treat you nice...Giving you free day-long concerts...It can happen in your town too.

Thanks..And Happy Birthday to Me.

From John:

I got Mike's setlist (I was in the group with the fish and I was the one who Mike stole the dollar from) ...

This is literal:



Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh all rocked!

From Kimberly:

I agree!

Here's what I have for the setlist:

Heatseeker Boy (I don't remember hearing this)
Splatter Splatter
Sad Girl
Lazy Boy
Kick in the Ass (many candidates in attendance)
Minnie the Moocher
Michi (inevitably)
Johnny Saucep'n
I Will Hold On
King of Spain
Green Eggs and Ham
Get in the Car
Psycho Killer
Disco Bargainville
Drinking Song

The Drinking Song wasn't on the setlist, but the Soprano Screecher on my right has burned the song into my brain in any case. There may have been another encore that I've forgotten.

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