Live Show: 6/26/00


Windsor, ON

Reviewed by: Sheryl

The Details

Hi. ya'll probably dont remember me. yep. ooold sheryl stoller. i'm know. i dont even lurk.

but here's my point.

last night i was in windsor. i felt the need to post something about it. why? i dont know. maybe because i made this nifty sketch i'd emailed to AdamH and needed to share it. this isnt a concert review of the songs, just the experience i suppose.

please excuse if someone has written a similar review. again, it's all about the sketches. i havent really read thru the some odd 8 gazillion posts that have been posted since the last time i read the NG in ..oh, 1998? :)

last night was certainly the wierdest show i've attended, in that not only was i not near the stage, i wasnt allowed. yep. 41 shows and i've never been kept at a 100 foot radius. not that i felt the need to

the people at the int'l freedom fest were (excuse me) DUMB enough to put the stage in front of 150 feet (that's 45 liters for you canadians..egrin) of freshly laid out sod.

yep, sod. so they roped off this HUGE section of stage.

so it looked like this:

M = murray
J = jian
I = Mike (mike's an I because murray was M. sorry.)
D = Dave

X = audience

| | = road

.... = sod.

     M J I D
|X|.........|X|<----me, michelle, AJ, lisa, baby, MC, nitsa, kyle, etc

interesting, huh? yep. all that blank field. before the show i saw jian behind the trailors shouting "furvous! we're moxy furvous kids!" ..aparently someone had announced them as furvous, up next. yep. we're the furvheads now. how nice.

then he went on about the field, and he hoped that they'd open it up. but he didnt think they were.

so of course, the minute the show started the "sod" jokes started in, along with frequent suggestions to revolt against the poor, sweaty and tired voulenteer staff to rush the stage. don't get me wrong, it was pretty funny, but they looked extremely angry. Plus, there were major sound problems. things werent lookin too good ;)

a group of kids next to me were the first to do it. i'd say about 7 or 8 of them. they ran out and the crowd went wild..wooo! revolt! they were hearded back in by a voulenteer. an argument ensued, and i thought they'd be kicked out. they werent.

a few other scragglers ran out only to be booted back, but they were inspired by the band suggesting that if they had a request they'd have to send Mel Gibson out to be "The Postman" that delivers the request. 2 brave mel wannabes ran out, only to be thwarted toward the stage.

Finally, i'd say 5 songs from the end, the crowd got sneaky. all those X's in the back brought their chairs riiiiiight up to the rope..i guess not breaking the if the Borg central hive was controlling them..they all rushed in a Who-concert-like wave to the gates at the stage, finally filling up the precious sod with the treads of fruhead feet! the people on the sides took the cue and joined in..well..i kinda stuck around, after i smelt what was next.

manure? chemicals? i dont know what.but SOME type of stinky wave came up out of that sod while being delicously-evilly trampled. "Mmmm..forbidden sod." Matt and Marie-Claude actually came back because it was so stinky.

ah, sweet revolt. now the stage looked like this:

    M J I D
|X| XXXXXXX |X| <-us again
| |  XXXXX  | |
| |    XX   | |
| |         | |

heehee. ok. well, i'll stop my incessant blabering. they pretty much just finished the show after that. i'll leave it up to someone who wrote down the setlist to cover the music.

So on that note, who thinks they'll be invited back next year?? :)

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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