Live Show: 7/1/00


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Rachel

The Details

I will spare everyone the details of what Toronto traffic is like on Canada Day.

I wasn't there for the entire festival--arrived during the Lighthouse set. But I liked what I heard. I'd like to catch the Barra McNiels again sometime. Mmm. Celtic music.

This is not a proper review. Not really a setlist either, since I was having too much fun dancing to write things down in order. But here's what I remember them playing:

Get in the Car
brief improv: "the acoustic guitar"
Sad Girl
Minnie (haven't heard this in a while--very nice)
King of Spain / GEH (short)
Dancing Queen

There were some troubles with microphones periodically; Jian kept motioning for someone to turn up Dave's mic. The set was short and sweet. I think not quite short enough for the venue staff, however, who appeared rather peeved when the lads didn't leave the stage after King of Spain.

The lads--all of them, including Dave--came out behind the gazebo following their set to chat and sign autographs.

Lovely weather, good company, my favorite band, all followed up by watching the sunset from the CN Tower. Who could ask for anything (much) more?

The Pictures

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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