Live Show: 7/26/00


New York City, NY

Reviewed by: Mike & Robin

The Details

Have there not been any posts about the wonderful second show at the Bottom Line yet? Looks like I'll have to step in.

opening - the lads lament the dead tradition of announcing a band and having them already playing as the curtain rises. They force the announcer to announce them again, and have the audience put there hands over their faces and slowly lift them as they start playing.

Michigan Milita
Jockey Full of Bourbon
banter - they mention the previous night's show rated a 9 out of 10, 
and that they're realistically expecting somewhere between a 5 and a 7 
Heatseeker Boy
banter - there was one constituency that was never polled about 
Canadian reform.  Who was it?  Murray: "The frumpy."  Mike: "The 
trundsglee."  Dave:  "The swishy."  No, it was the kids.
The Kids' Song
My Poor Generation
banter - Jian expresses his feelings, and Mike the therapist leads the 
lads to tranquility with the mantra "trunzlier".
3 Types of Bosses
I Love My Boss
Spiderman - Mike goes into the crowd and steals someone's Brooklyn 
Lager.  "I can drink cases of this shit!  I put this fucking shit on my 
fucking corn flakes!"
banter - the lads speculate on what a Village Voice reviewer would 
write about the previous song.
Pisco Bandito
Early Morning Rain
Boo Time
banter - Jian attempts to provide a serious introduction to 
Bargainville, but is sabotaged.
Disco Video Bargainville
Mistra Know-It-All
Pork Tenderloin (Murray and Dave)
Homeward Bound (Jian and Mike)
Half As Much
banter - Jian explains the collected works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I Will Hold On
Nuits De Reve
King Intro
King of Spain - Dave wears a frilly thing on his head, leading to many 
Shakespeare references
Green Eggs and Ham - Jian: "This is the Bottom Line, where the Beatles 
recorded Revolver!"  Mike riffs on West Side Story.
Darlington Darling
Lou Reed is introduced, who quotes Kissinger and "Do You Know The Way 
To San Jose?"
Wild Side / Dancing Queen Medley
Believe (the Cher song)
You're Gonna Lose That Girl (featuring Sean Altman on lead vocals - 
Sean: "This show's a 10!")
The Drinking Song

I agree with Sean. Yay Fruvous.

From Robin:

OK Friends - Real quick, before I dash off to work, here's the setlist from last night. We'd have posted it last night, but we were tired. This working mom doesn't as well as she used to on 4 hours of sleep! It was another terrific, energy packed show (and well worth losing sleep over!).

- Michigan Militia
- Jockey Full of Bourbon
some banter about this show being a 5-7 on the 1-10 scale, horses and
Jane Sibbery (?)
- Heatseeker Boy
banter:  Mike's the plant from Burma, Canadian Constitution, Fred
- Kids Song
- Fly
banter: The knob fell off and see what happens -
- My Poor Generation
Jian describes the 3 boss types with examples (I can't read Tim's
notes here) from the lads
- I Love My Boss
- Spiderman (Mike's in the audience, taking a beer here, a Village
Voice there - it was great!)
- Pisco Bandito
- Early Morning Rain
- Boo Time
banter about the dollar-type stores and Dave's combs
- Disco Video Bargainville
- Mistra Know It All
- Pork Tenderloin by Murray and Dave
- Homeward Bound by Jian and Mike
- Half as Much
- Laika
- I Will Hold On
- Nuits
- King of Spain
- Green Eggs & Ham
- Darlington Darling
- Dancing Queen
and exit
1st encore:
- Sahara
and exit
2nd encore:
Do You Believe in Life After Love (with a little Come On Eileen thrown
Sean Altman is introduced and the group does Lose That Girl
and last, but not least -
- The Drinking Song

They came on just before 9:00 and ended at 11:30. It was wondeful and over the past 2 nights I've gotten to see some folks I don't see too often. So, there you have it - feel free to add to this (I'm off to work now).

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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