Live Show: 7/29/00


Syracuse, NY

Reviewed by: Chris

The Details

Happy coincedences...thanks to that, I was able to see this, my last Fruvous show before the hiatus.

I had two weddings to go to on Saturday, one in Rochester and one in Utica. When I was driving to Boston on Friday night, I thought, "Hey, Fruvous is gonna be in Syracuse...why don't I go?". Well, I got my ticket (just in time too, there were only about 50 left according to the guy at TOPS) on Friday night. Saturday, I went to my two weddings, and then around 8pm left the reception in Utica and headed over to Styleen's.

Definitely surprised some people with my arrival: Tom, Loren, Sandy, etc... I'm really glad I decided to make the trek out for this show since it hadn't really occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to see them any other time before the fall. Doors opened around nine-ish, and we all filed into the venue that I haven't been to in more than two years.

Once inside, I saw a bunch more people that I knew...Jo, Jen, Mary, and many others (my memory is just not 100% these days ;-) Adam Brodsky was the opener and he started around ten, ten-thirty. He *immediately* captured the audience's attention and delivered a great set full of laughs and awesome music...he's excellent, IMO. I think he played for about 45 minutes.

Fruvous came on around 11:30, and played for about two hours. Good set, no question about that. Good mix of songs from every album. I always love when Jian and Mike do Guinea Pig. There were some great banter bits, including one with Jian talking about some bully that he almost got into a fight with before the show. Styleen's has always held a special place for me in terms of great Fruvous banter and musical jams...this show was no exception.

Afterwards, we hung out till around two in the morning, at which point the venue kicked us out. :-) Spent most of that time just socializing, but also resting...I was SO tired from my day of weddings and driving. I went with Loren to her friend's Eilis' house in East Syracuse. There, Loren, Amanda, Eilis and Jeff hung out for a couple hours, playing guitar and just shooting the breeze. Around 4:30, I insanely decided to make the trek back to Boston. Despite a 45 minute nap around six in the morning on the thruway, I made it back to Boston by 9:30 on Sunday morning...oy...that was rough.

It was great seeing a lot of old friends one last time before the break...I'm not going to be making it to Rochester for the Milestones shows, so it was a wonderful happy coincedence that I was in the neighborhood for this show.

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Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

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