Live Show: 8/11/00


Edmonton, AB

Reviewed by: Cara

The Details

YAY!! My first Früvous show, concert, and folk fest! I don't think I could have a better combination...Ok the songlist

Mainstage Thursday

Hearing Voices Workshop saturday morning (with Karen Savoca, Tom Wilson and 
Church Street)
Early Morning Rain
Gulf War Song
and one other I can't remember

Actual Concert
Lazy Boy
Pisco Bandito
Boo Time
Michigan Milita
Johnny Saucep'n
King of Spain\GE&H
Love Poition # 9

"This Hour Has 90 minutes" workshop with Christein Lavin, Dar Williams and Al 
Kids Song
Minnie the Moocher
I Love My Boss

Anyway on with the review.

Thursday, sat in line for 2.75 hours and lamented that I didn't bring my book (ok I'll skip the boring stuff)...well because FDC said Früvous would be playing *Friday* and Saturday I wasn't really expecting them...but after Tri- Contental, Wes Borg (one of the Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie) annouced that the next tweener would be a band that played EFMF 7 years ago, were from Toronto, blew him away, and a bunch of other adjectived, adverbed, verbs finishing with something like Monster Truck mashing...I was sitting just in the position so I couldn't see that side stage. Then I heard Mox...and I was already on my feet cheering, then I heard Ji thanking Wes for the intro and followed up with the inevitable Calgary references. The intro to the song was sprinked with environmental references that had me thinking Marion, but it was

YWGTTM - typically wonderful a cappella that we always expect from the lads. Then Dervish played and Lennie Gallant. Now it was dark enough for the screen to be lit up and I saw the frülads behind Wes. I started yelling again...Murray made a comment that the people to stage left would think that Dave looked like a speaker with a head. It was true...then we were treated to

MBLABOA - My absolute *fav*! I yelled Authors as soon as I heard the opening solo, and as usual there was the "My baby's hooked on my crucifixion" line and "Who needs a grave?" and there was something else that murray said instead of "my baby's buying brand new novels" that I didn't quite catch.

Saucep'n - Started with an intro about how Moxy Früvous is actually paid by the Ontario government to write songs against them and this somehow helps the government. This lead to a comment that the following song was for the 1998 *something* Eat campaign...the crowd just loved it, everyone was literally ROTGLTHO...

IWHO - a basic intro that its a song of the album Thornhill..beautifullly sung as per usual...the acoustic guitar version only. Afterwards Jian introduced the next act by saying that he consumated his engagement to one of the members of the Culteral Heritiage choir, and he came out out help sing one was just you can proabably tell I don't have the vocabualry to properly do it justice.

Friday Night

This was the night I was expecting to see Früvous..oh well :)

I sat in line for 3.5 hours today and lamented that I did bring my book as it rained and rained. Anyway I went to the merch tent right away and rebought my copy of Thornhill after a bad accident with bug spray and my copy of C and then who saw me in line but Lisa (Carpenter), so after I did my happy dance at the back of the tent where no one could see me I met up with her and we went up to my tarp, a bit higher than the day before but with a full view of the stage and well, we survived the rain and kept and ear and an eye out for Früvous, as well as Erilee. However no sign of either, but I had fun anyway.


YAY the big day! Woke up at 6:30 to try to get a good place on the hill, however I didn't get there till 8:10 and well, I was even higher up than before. :P, but at least I got to the workshop stage in time to get about 3 rows back...I could have got farther up, but I didn't want to...seriously. Anyway I saw Lisa again and a little while later Erilee and we all sat in Frühead harmony *grinz*

The workshop was really quite good, I've never heard EMR and loved it. You had to wonder if they were taking workshop names more seriously for they didn't bring any intstuments besides shakers, tambourine, and acoustic guitar...then they all gathered close at the microphones and did an intro that sadly this song is still all too relavant today, then they started into Gulf War Song...oh just so beautfiful, the entire ski hill was silent as they sung...oh I can live that moment in my mind forever.

I can't remember much else from the workshop except Tom Wilson mentioning that his song will be used for a Hundai commercial Mike jumped up, it was so cute! And at the finale there was Mike again jumping up on the chair, he has so much energy for that early in the morning...well 12:30 in the afternoon actually.

The actual concert...Lisa, Eri and I were kinda afraid that we wouldn't get a good place, Eri really wanted a seat stage murray, I really didn't care cause I was just so estacic to be there! We ended up between stage Dave and Mike which wasn't such a bad place to be. Murray did the intro although he messed up the second time, here's the final one paraphrase,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you a band that has at least on member that is a robot, Moxy Früvous"

Ok onto the songs..

BJ - something about "A mental case, the only robot here is the one playing bass"

Horseshoes - "This song is such an epic that its spread over two albums" and then some banter about napster and that if you're going to download the song its best to get the live version.

Ok, I've typed enough for today, I'll type the rest tomorrow, I still have a couple hundred e-mails to get through. Feel free to comment and rip it apart.

Ok, so much for typing the rest tomorrow, so I'll type it today, nearly a week after the fact, hopefully I can still make out my chicken scratch and remember what I didn't write. So get set here we go... :)

Lazy Boy - Typical intro about sometimes you just need a comfortable chair and a stereo that rocks

Pisco - the song that Erilee was wating for, for she had made....get set...a WAY cool Pisco fish out of a beach towel! So during the intro (can't remember it at all) she brought it out and Jian pointed it out! So during the song we passed it back and forth while grooving!

Boo Time - I don't think there was much of an intro, but some of the lines
Mario Lemuix is throwing in the towel
Shaking (garbled) with the Fruvous groove
(During the Call and response)
Oiler Glory
Eskimo Touchdown
something about Peter Pocklinton.

Michy - Intro and a little banter about how sometimes the Americans don't even realize that they are being made fun of. No banjo mishaps during it...

Saucep'n - no intro this time, strange how they would play it twice....

KOS/GE&H - During king of spain there was a small line change "There a tent overhead" and something about Stockwell Day

GE&H had the "I see dead people" from Mike, and when Jian said that there was a lot of left over hippies in Alberta...well there was quite a bit of a laught from the crowd.

Love Potion #9 - not a whole lot of songs in the medley, but the constant ones.

This Hour Has 90 mintues workshop with Al Simmons, Christine Lavin, Dar Williams, and of course Früvous

AHHH!! Could there be a more wonderful workshop! It was just too hilarious, I was afraid that my stomach was going to hurt to badly from laughing so hard!

Kids Song - I've never really heard accounts of this live, and I was just
giggling at the sight of the lads prancing around like little kids. 
Instead of "I met preimer Bob Rae", it was "Stockwell Day", and I think it
was "And he's just like Pinochet".  Some of the other bits
"Should Quebec separate?"
(about equal screams of no and yes_
"Ok I guess we're still undecided"

"Is there something you like?"
"Is there something you dispise?"

(all the lads except Murray)"What's your favourite colour?"
(Murray looks around confused)
"What's your favourite colour?"
(he looks around confused again while the crowd yells out colours)
"What's your favourite colour?"
Then he said one but I didn't quite make it out, and Jian and Mike followed
up with typical Fuscia and Teal. 

Minnie the Moocher -  Some of the stuff I can remember
"Minnie's got a heart as big as Ralph Kliens Ego" (thats impossible!)
Call and response
"Oh the Sidetrack"
(I can't make out the rest on my crumpled little peice of paper)
Two other lines
"Lets go to the Butterdome and get buttered up"
"Get rid of Toronto, cover it with a dome and called the all new East
Edmonton Mall" 

I Love My Boss - A really funny intro but I can't for the life of me remember it...the song itslef was pretty typical except for the lack of the examples.

All in all, a WONDERFUL weekend, it was great to meet other Früheads and of course to see the band live, the energy was high, the crowd was always with it and dancing, I saw my favourite song preformed. I think I'll leave it at that and add stuff as I think of it...oh yeah on Thursday before the intro to Saucep'n there was a little banter about how the future of punk is not Korn, but the banjo...

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

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