Live Show: 8/21/00


Philadelphia, PA

Reviewed by: Saph, Lis & Rai

The Details

Here's Dave's setlist from the show (that Bender snagged):

(General Banter)
(really long improv about keeping clothes separated)
Splatt (not played)
Video (Disco version)
(Boyscout Rant)
Message (Some guy requested (screamed) it and they decided to do it.  Not on

And that's it.

From Lis:

the show was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! I must say before hand that this was only my 3rd Fruvous show (I know, isn't that sad??) but it was my favorite so far. I was soooo close to the stage i could have tied Mike's shoes! And speeking of Mike, he was a bit sick at the show, poor guy. He had amazing energy in spite of that, you wouldn't have known. Get well soon, Mike!!!

they had a great set at the show. They played most of my fav songs, like "Sad Girl", "Kick in the Ass", "the Kid Song", and "Michigan Militia" (my dad, Mike, is from Michigan.. & Plays accordian! whee!) along with others. And the improves were great too.

After the show, I got Dave to sign my drawing I did at collingswood. thanx dave!! And I got a Picture taken with Jian. I got to sit on his lap, too :^) Thanx again Fru-dudes for a fantastic show. You all were fantastic!

From Rai:

Review: I had a BLAST!

The end.

Oh, wait you want more than that? Dang.

First a few things about the North Star: It's TEENY. As in itsy bitsy. (HA! Now i've earwormed you all with the song "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yelllow Polka-dot Bikini.") An the stage is practically on the floor at some points. It has three levels, kinda. Stage leverm and a middle level about a foot below the stage which I was on, and a bottom floor-type thing three feet below the stage where at, say, a Korn concert there would be beaucoup de moshing. But it was nice. Very intimate. (At one point, I pointed out that "From here, we could probably see Murray's nosehairs.")

The opening act was Martina Sorbara. (Before she went on, I accidently kicked her out of the bathroom. Whoops. But apparently, you have to be 21 to pee in the bar part of the bar.) Whoever said she was playing on the whole "I'm so cute!" thing was right. She's definitely going for that. I didn't think she was bad, but she was definitely lacking something substantial in her music to make it her own. I kept saying, "She sounds like this person and that person." I think she might have been trying to go that way. Her drummer was good, though, and had my drummer friend Katie completely in a trance. It was funny.

The show opened with... banter. Jian or Mike said something along the lines of missing the oppertunity to start the show off just by getting onstage and playing. Then Jian noticed how close my friends and I were to the stage (we were right next to it on that one foot ledge I mentioned earlier) and said that they should "Call the nice security guys from the Troc." to control us. I'm glad he said that 'cause that was my first concert and any reference to it makes me smile, even if it was a bad one.

Finally they started the music, "opening" with Nowhere Man which I thought was particularly beautiful having not heard it before. And, before they could get to a chord in the next song, they started a bit of banter about Mike's cold, which lead into the "Bad Cold Song" improv. At one point, the only person playing was Murray who lead the song into the "Gotta Keep 'em Seperated" part of The Offspring's [1] "Come Out and Play." Then they went into ANOTHER song which I really should know, apparently, but don't. Sorry.

Other songs (from memory, I don't have a setlist [2]) in no particular order included Laika (which I was SO happy to hear since I've taken that name as an alter ego of some sorts), Present Tense Tureen, Nuits, Fly, Saucep'n, KoS --> GE&H (that was the most improv-y version of KoS I've ever heard, but it was funny), Psycho Killer, Kids (after the line "Should Quebec separate?" line, some guy in we audience yelled, "What's Quebec?" just as the yeses and noes were dying down), Heatseeker Boy, Lazy Boy, Guinea, Michy, GITC, MBLABOA, Message (which wasn't on the setlist, but was played because a 19 year old guy wanted to hear it and requested it from the audience. Go him. ) and ended with Believe.

Banter included a LOT about Al Gore (complete with impressions) which lead to (to me) kinda boring Clinton banter which I kinda zoned out on until Jian just said randomly "I'd like to go down on him." which got a BIG laugh from we audience. Mike: "Going for the easy laughs tonight, huh?" Jian was pulling the whole gay act (or not, who knows) all night (including "I was looking STRAIGHT" in Authors), but this lead to a point. (Yes, Jian had a POINT tonight. Surprising, I know.) He told we audience about this Boy Scout Philly Chapter meeting he was invited to and how he learned that 900 (or 600, I don't remember the exact number) synagogs refused to hold Boy Scout meetings after the verdict that gay kids couldn't be boy scouts. He said it was the only way that the ruling will be overturned, so we should try and do something like that. 'Twas a good point. Imagine that. (g)

Anyway, the show was awesome. I defintely had a ball. I got to meet a few new people and sas some peole I've met before (*wink* Shells!) and just had a fun time.

But really, how could I not?

[1] Weren't they just Offspring when this song came out or am I making things up again?

[2] I would have had a setlist if the following didn't take place: I was a pushover. I was right underneath Murray and I was kinda excited 'cause I might get a setlist afterwards and my friends that were all around me said that since I converted them, I was entitled to it (no one else really was in reach of it 'cept this one girl, but I'll explain that later). But I gave it up because of that whole setlist debate on the newsgroup about fighting over setlists and the (fish)girl who showed up near me said she wanted Jian's setlist after I said something about Murray's, but his was harder to get since it was close to the people on the floor. This woman on the floor was reaching for Jian's setlist before the first encore but Fishgirl (names spared to protect the innocent) grabbed it out from underneath her, at which I scolded her and gave the setlist back to the woman who put it back because she didn't want to seem like the bad guy either. Then, after the first encore, Fishgirl grabbed it again and the nice lady asked for Murray's and I gave it to her.... but it was in my HANDS. Hmph. Someone please tell me I did the right thing by giving it to that woman and the Fishgirl. I was just trying to be nice, but now I feel like a pushover.


--Oh, also, I would like to apologize to anyone who was bothered by my taking pictures with a flash. You see, I knew that at past concerts flash photography wasn't allowed, but I wasn't sure if it was okay or not to do it that night 'cause no one said anything beforehand (or if they did, I was in the process of kicking Martina Sorbara out of the bathroom). I even kept Fishgirl from taking pictures until I saw someone else doing just that, so I figured it was okay. 'Twas fine until Tobey came over during, I think, GITC and scolded us. I apologized to him afterwards and he accepted my apology and said he liked my jacket. But I just wanted to apologize to whomever I bothered, including any Fru-dudes lurking out there.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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