Live Show: 8/31/00


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Sarah

The Details

hey, wow... no posts? maybe i'm missing some or something. anyway...

the 3 shows at milestones here in rochester were _great_. well, they increased each night in greatness -- friday was especially great, probably due to the fact that it was an 18+ show, and the mostly obnoxious under 18 crowd that had previously been there, screaming and shoving the other two nights was not there. ;) and the sets were all great, too. but yeah, friday was my favourite out of all 3. especially "minnie the moocher". it'd appeared that granpa fruvous's hat had become missing. mike ended up wearing my little sister's light-up devil horns. ...which led them to break into "sympathy for the devil". they were having fun.;) though the personal insults between dave and mike seemed to fly and run on forever during a stop in something.. i don't remember... was it ge&h? .. and it included "extra from baywatch" mike whipping a bottle of water at dave... but it was all in fun. ..i hope..

there was a great intro to 'boss' during one of the nights.. can't remember which. jian introduced us to 3 different boss types. mike and dave's, i cannot remember... but murray's delivery was the best.

"mr. ghomeshi?"


"....please remove your pants."

and then murray went over to the wall and pretended to be writing and pushing buttons or something.

jian: "what are you doing over at that black wall with no buttons?"

...well.. it was hilarious. another murray-centric highight was friday (heh, i almost wrote fruday) night.. in the video discobargainville bass vs. guitar battle... mike's guitar wouldn't work. it had become unplugged or something. murray stood there with his head tilted back, "ah hah hah hah hah." :)

all in all, a wonderful time.

The Music

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