Live Show: 2/17/01


Toronto, ON

4th Annual Frühead Convention

Reviewed by: Todd

The Details

Hi Fruheads!

Having just returned from a very rewarding weekend in Toronto, I thought I would try to post some kind of review type thing.

The fun really started for me on Friday night at the Lewiston Bridge just northwest of Buffalo. Instead of the usual unpleasant 50 - 60 year old customs agent I've usually encountered at the Canadian border, I was greeted by a very attractive young 20-ish woman who looked exceptionally bored. Here is a transcript of our conversation:

	Agent:	Where from?
	Me:	Atlanta, Georgia.
	Agent:	American?
	Me:	Yes, Ma'am. (I am from the South, don't forget.) : )
	Agent:	Where ya goin'?
	Me:	Toronto.
	Agent:	What for?
	Me:	A concert.
	Agent:	(smiling) What concert?
	Me:	Moxy Fruvous.
	Agent:	(big smile) Go on in!

Saturday morning (after walking to the Eaton Centre and getting very confused by which bus/trolley/subway to take) I arrived at Frucon about 10:30 AM. My first volunteer gig was the video room, made easy by A.J.'s meticulous preparations - I really didn't have to do anything! A.J. did an outstanding job compiling the videos, and his enthusiasm for them was infectious. It was important to me to see the videos, since as a new Fruhead I'd NEVER seen them on television before. Seeing the video presentation was the absolute best way for me to get a more complete introduction to the FruLad's personalities. Highlights included the riotous "Cedric Fruvous" video and a Canadian TV cooking segment featuring Murray and Dave preparing Pork Tenderloin (and singing about it, obviously) accompanied by one of the funniest (and flakiest) TV hosts I've ever seen (whose name I've forgotten). Thanks again to A.J. doing such a great job putting the videos together.

Later, after filling up on Pizza Pizza, it was my turn to help at the check-in table. By this time it was already 2:00 PM, and most everyone was already there. Another easy job for this volunteer! The good thing about this shift was that this was the time that Murray and Jian were supposed to arrive. Of course they were a little late, much to the dismay of a very conscientious Fiona, who kept a watchful eye on the door. When Murray arrived he greeted us and happily took his nametag and put it around his neck. When Jian arrived a few minutes later, he said "hi," took his nametag, and just sort of looked at us as if to say "why do I need to wear a nametag?" He had a point, as he usually does.

The Q/A session with Murray, Jian, video director Margaret Malandruccolo and host Jaymz Bee was incredible. It was here (and also later at the show) that I realized that Murray Foster is the funniest man on earth. Jian was incredibly insightful and honest, which was to be expected. Jaymz Bee was very charismatic, and his energy made for a very fun atmosphere. I really enjoyed the Q/A session a great deal - thanks to everyone who helped to put that together.

Then it was off to the trolley ride back to the hotel, with my raffle prize in hand!

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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