Live Show: 2/17/01


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Todd, Adam, Kyle, Jordan, Tim, Alex, Pat & Tanya

The Details

The show at The Opera House was everything I expected it to be and more. The setlist couldn't have been more fan-friendly (IMHO) and the crowd's enthusiasm was beyond belief. I've attempted to piece together a setlist, even though by the time I hit 'send' there will probably be several more accurate lists already posted. The beginning and the end of the set as I have it listed is pretty accurate, but the middle is kind of mixed up. I'll let someone else who may have written it down handle the details. Here is the list:

Michigan Militia
Jockey Full of Bourbon
B.J. Don't Cry
The Lazy Boy
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
The Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
The Kids' Song
Get in the Car
Boo Time
I Will Hold On
Independence Day
My Poor Generation
Pisco Bandito
Video Disco Bargainville
Guinea Pig
If Only You Knew
You Will Go To the Moon
Nuits de Reve
Stuck in the 90's
Psycho Killer
King of Spain
Green Eggs and Ham
The Drinking Song

There were too many highlights to even begin to mention them all, but my favorite was the look on Murray's face when he saw the big white fish dancing over the crowd during Pisco Bandito. Kudos to whoever made that thing. My favorite feature of the big paper Pisco was the money hanging from his mouth, which Mike (I think) promptly snatched away! Another highlight was Jian's very touching rant about the recent bombing of Iraq. Green Eggs and Ham was so funny I was in tears.

I've never seen a band have so much fun on stage together. I knew they were versatile, but seeing them in person made me realize that they are even more versatile than I could have ever imagined. The whole evening was made even better by the fact that I met some really nice people - Hi Tony and Barb!

Thanks again to everyone who helped to make Frucon weekend such a great time!

From Adam:

Disc One:
Set 1
01 - Michigan Militia
02 - Jockey Full Of Bourbon
03 - Movies [Banter]
04 - Horseshoes
05 - Fly
06 - My Poor Generation
07 - Lazy Boy
08 - You Will Go To The Moon [Intro]
09 - You Will Go To The Moon
10 - Pisco Bandito
11 - Independence Day
12 - Boo Time
13 - Disco Video Bargainville
14 - BJ Don't Cry
15 - Iraq Discussion
16 - Stuck In The 90s

Disc 2
Set 1:
01 - Present Tense Tureen
02 - Johnny Saucep'n
03 - Guinea Pig
04 - The Kids' Song
05 - I Will Hold On
06 - Nuits De Reve
07 - My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors
08 - Get In The Car
09 - Psycho Killer
10 - Encore Intro

11 - King Of Spain [Intro]
12 - King Of Spain
13 - Green Eggs and Ham

Encore 2:
14 - If Only You Knew
15 - Believe

Encore 3:
16 - The Drinking Song [Intro]
17 - The Drinking Song 

From Kyle:

Well, nobody else has said anything, so I'll say something, although I wouldn't really call this a review. It's only the 3rd show that I've been to, so I don't even feel qualified to give a review *grin* It's probably also worth pointing out that it's the largest show I've been to.

The opening act was The Supers ( ). They didn't strike me as the sort of music that would be universally accepted by fruheads, but they were pretty good... Go check'em out! They took the stage around 9:30, and played for an hour. Fruvous hit the stage around 11:00 after half an hour of Cal and others prepareing the stage. (I don't think the half hour is normal, is it?)

Früvous was amazing, I thought. The guys seemed to be having a really great time, and were obviously more energetic than normal, given that they haven't played a show in so long. The audience was amazing too.. I imagine that's pretty well the norm for a Frücon related show though. I don't know exactly when the show ended, and I have very little idea of what the setlist consisted of, but I'm pretty sure it was a hair over two hours. They came back on stage for 3 encores (5 songs). Noteable happenings include a group of people from the audience giving the guys a large paper fish, which appeared to be signed, after they played Pisco (sorry to whoever it was that did that, I didn't see who you were), and Jian looking rather ridiculous wearing Tanya's (Elfy's) feathered boa - Dave Pirmann got a great shot of it.. check out his pictures from a few posts back.

I'm not even going to attempt a setlist, due to having a terrible memory for such things. I remember for sure that they played GE&H, KOS, Drinking song, Pisco, If Only You Knew, and michigan militia, but not in that order *grin*

The venue was in essence, a very large room, with a balcony. I was on the balcony, very close to the railing, and quite glad not to be down on the floor. it looked uncomfortably crowded.

As for the con itself, it was great. So many friendly people, all giving out hugs :) The open mic stuff was really great. The performace of "Moo Time" particularly sticks out in my mind :) That's just a quick impression of con... I'll let someone else tell more about that, cuz I'm getting tired of typing.

Now... somebody post a better review of the show!

From Jordan:

[quote] The opening act was The Supers ( ). They didn't strike me as the sort of music that would be universally accepted by fruheads, but they were pretty good... Go check'em out!

Yes - I quite enjoyed them and would describe it as pop music with 3 or 4 part harmonies. This band also has a Fruvous connection in that the lead singer either is or was in Tory Cassis' band.

[quote] Früvous was amazing, I thought. The guys seemed to be having a really great time, and were obviously more energetic than normal, given that they haven't played a show in so long. The audience was amazing too.. I imagine that's pretty well the norm for a Frücon related show though.

The audience was totally amazing - well beyond what I saw at the other Fricon shows I was at for Frucon 2. From the opening roar of applause to the spontaneous round of "Happy Birthday" for Dave to the Pisco fish, it was just amazing to see a crowd that in to the show. It seemed that every Fruhead on the continent who could come was there and it showed - plus the guys were having a lot of fun. Far be it for me to say the band should only play 2 shows a year, but if it produces show like that one, I dunno.

The setlist itself was nothing special and they played most of the "hits". I'll try to recall it from memory - and the order is close, but screwed up in the middle...

Michigan Militia
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Lazy Boy
You Will Go to the Moon
Pisco Bandito
Independence Day
My Poor Generation
Boo Time
BJ Don't Cry
Disco Bargainville
The Kids' Song
The Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
Guinea PIg
Stuck in the 90's (with a long intro by Jian about the media coverage
of Bush bombing Iraq and how it focuses on strategy and political
manuvering and not on the fact that innocent people were killed)
I Will Hold On
Nuits de Reve
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
Get in the Car
Psycho Killer

King of Spain
Green Eggs and Ham


If Only...
The Drinking Song

I wasn't really timing things, but I think the show clocked in at well over 2 hours. Let's all hope there'll be more great shows like that one!

From Tim:

At 11:00 pm after a terrific group called 'The Supers" (you have got to check these guys out), our beloved lads came on -

Michigan Militia
Jockey Full of Burbon
Fly MyPoor Generation
"Happy Birthday to Dave" (sung by us-all!)
Lazy Boy
You Will Go To The Moon
Pisco Bandito
Independence Day
Boo Time
Video Bargainville
Stuck in the 90s
Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
Guine Pig
Kids Song
I Will Hold On
Get in the Car
Psycho Killer

King of Spain
Green Eggs & Ham (Mike becomes Tory Cassis 'cause of 'not the

If Only You Knew
Believe in Love (?)

Drinking Song

This was a rockin' show & the guys were really having fun. I think most of the audience was. Sorry I didn't get most of the banter & have left out the bits I got. I hope someone else can fill them in. Catch you later. We missed seeing you.

From Alex:

Disc One:
Set 1
01 - Michigan Militia
02 - Jockey Full Of Bourbon
03 - Horseshoes
04 - Fly
05 - My Poor Generation
06 - Lazy Boy
07 - You Will Go To The Moon
08 - Pisco Bandito
09 - Independence Day
10 - Boo Time
11 - Disco Video Bargainville
12 - BJ Don't Cry
13 - Iraq Discussion
14 - Stuck In The 90s
15 - Present Tense Tureen
16 - Johnny Saucep'n
17 - Guinea Pig
18 - The Kids' Song
19 - I Will Hold On
20 - Nuits De Reve
21 - My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors
22 - Get In The Car
23 - Psycho Killer

24 - King Of Spain [Intro]
25 - King Of Spain
26 - Green Eggs and Ham

Encore 2:
27 - If Only You Knew
28 - Believe

Encore 3:
29 - The Drinking Song

The show ran just under 2:30 (and conveniently fits on 2 CDs, whee) and you could tell the guys were having a great time onstage after all that time off. When Mike did the little bit in GE&H the rest of them were cracking up for a good two minutes. I had a great time too; I'm guessing everyone who was there probably feels the same...

From Pat:

How was it? Great! - It was a great Früvous show, not unlike the shows at the end of summer, 2000, with a similar (and very long - 27 songs) set list of songs we all love with no surprises. It was high energy, with funny bits of spontaneity that had the crowd and the band in stitches during songs where you would expect it (Boo Time, Green Eggs & Ham); leading to the rhetorical question: does that negate the impetuosity? (I would say, No.) And the show also had emotional moments, but again in songs that always invoke strong feelings (i.e., Fly, Nuits de Reve, The Drinking Song). Perhaps it was an intentional effort on Früvous' part to keep things normal, as opposed to turning it into the swan song that has been speculated upon - or maybe it was like just another show, 'cause it was just another show.

Then again, and maybe it was just me, I found a new poignancy in some songs as I put them in the context of our collective wondering of whether this was the last time. So I found myself pondering in a new light lines such as: "Look straight at the coming disaster; realize what you've lost…" "Hold on tight, let's get it just right; we'll take our last flight, you and I." "…I do believe I can't go on this way. Now I know what freedom is on Independence Day."

There was an affecting moment that occurred right before the guys hit the stage. Background music was playing as we waited - but then an unusual song began and most of the audience picked up on it and sang along to "Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)" as we realized and acknowledged that indeed, the future is not ours to see. We understand that as far as Moxy Früvous goes, whatever will be, will be - we recognize Murray, Jian, Mike and Dave's right to make decisions that are best for them as artists and as individuals, and we support them now and in the future. (I know, that's a lot to read into one sing-along.)

For a pictorial review, please go to and enter my email address ( into the spot where it invites you to visit a friend's album. (Unfortunately, the show's lighting left a lot to be desired - the photos are a bit dark.)

From Tanya:

This is my first review. Forgive me for being a bit brutal but honestly I could hear that someone was flat for "Que Sera Sera" - that number needed more rehearsal. It was obvious that nobody was ready for that song, and the guitar was so weak too. But seriously, it was great that the fruheads picked up on the background music while the stage was being set OH so carefully.

Somehow I managed to get a front row spot - after I found friend Gordon. I am small enough to scrunch right in front of him, so goody. It was only my fourth show- and it was my best view - the other venues were too HIGH for a little person like me.

I arrived at the venue just in time to listen to the Supers. But I had to spend some time to try to get to a good vantage point (and test my bubbles - sorry they didn't travel too far). Then there was the fun of watching the stage crew set up. I talked with Gordon and Kelsey (elfchild) a bit. Suddenly, (finally, after over a year for this Fruhead from Raincouver BC) the lights went really low and SHAZAM!! four Fru-lads appeared as if from NOWHERE!

They must really like playing Michigan Militia because I think this is the third time I have heard them open with it. It's just not one of my most favourite songs. Next time, I hope to hear the encores first. Or maybe the Present Tense Tureen? Yeah, start us off with a nice elf song! :) I used to know a "Trisha" and she was not one of my favourite people. Just thought everyone needed to know that. ONWARD:

I so muchly love Jockey Full of Burbon and it seemed like I was hearing it all over again for the first time (and vice versa). I was dancing and grooving to the music and blowing some bubbles intermittently.

Banter - yeah there was a bit of banter. my mind was lost. I think I was distracted by someone asking about the Larry pin that I was sporting on my tiara.

Again I danced to Horseshoes - and I kept having to remind myself to OPEN my eyes when I dance to a live concert. Is it just ME or do people like to dance with eyes closed? I think this was the best I think I have heard Horseshoes - (or absence makes the ears grow fonder)

Mellow songs Fly and My Poor Generation rounded out the mellow moments and I passed around the bubbles a bit so more people could share. Unfortunately, I don't think they went even three rows back. sigh.

The Happy Birthday song (geez did we pay royalties?) was SO HEARTWARMING! I think I saw a tear well up in Dave's eye ! And I forgot to get him a card. I feel like such a slacker. ;)

Then we went into funky tunes - Lazy Boy, You Will Go To The Moon (mega bubbles for this one)and Pisco bandito. Pisco was SUPERduper Even though the "Antonio Banderas" stanza was flubbed and had to be re-done. Could it be that the lads are forgetting their music? OH heaven forFEND! (see? living proof that they need their fans - they need to perform for us more often. heh heh)

ALSO, someone in the crowd had made a big paper 'stuffed' fish, got different people to sign it (so it seemed) and stuck it on the end of a fishing pole. It was waved above the crowd and amused the band more than the crowd, I think. Pisco was sporting a lovely duct tape fedora, wasn't it? and had a 'dollar' in its mouth. I hope the pictures turn out, considering it was kind of far away. At the end of the song, the paper fish was deposited Stage Dave. I think the lads really liked the paper fish.

I blew a LOT of bubbles during Independence Day and Boo time I think - I also tried to get some photos. I remember the lighting was not that great at my angle - backlighting sucks when you are trying to co-ordinate photo taking with ever-changing lighting. Well there MIGHT be some 'happy accidents' but who knows?

There was an awkward pause after Boo Time - a suspenseful moment. I thought perhaps Jian wanted to snatch my bubbles from me, or maybe confiscate my camera? He reached forward towards me, made a little motion with his fingers, and I knew what he wanted - (get your minds out of the gutter!) I removed from my neck my feather boa and held it out to him, then I offered my tiara, and he accepted that too! What a great look for Disco Bargainville!! Jian removed the tiara sometime in the middle of the song and tossed it over his shoulder. Guess he has a bigger head than I do. :) I got my boa back right away after the song. the tiara I got back a few songs later (jian had to look for it)

We went back to the mellow songs again with BJ, Stuck in the 90s, Present Tense Tureen. I particularly loved Tureen because it was my first time hearing it live after earning in the moniker "elfwench". the whole "I'm an elf" thing was so special for me.

We had fun moments with Johnny saucep'n (got to watch Jian's quick fingers on that penny whistle. and I am just learning my scales! yikes), Guinea Pig and the Kids song - oh man that was such so much fun live! The lads have great childishly playful 'shy' poses!

The mood became mellow again for "hold on" and "nuit" and I blew bubbles and got some more photos (hey, I had someone else's camera too, so there. heh heh)

Then the audience was RIGHT PUMPED for Authors and Get in the Car and, of course, Psycho Killer. Jian seemed to be happy to be back in control of hundreds of clapping fans. Yeah, he was really working off the crowd the whole night, come to think.

When the lads came back from offstage , we (Elfchild and myself) knew what to expect. She cleverly learned the knack for reading a setlist upside-down. :) King of Spain and Green eggs and Ham made up the first encore - the "dave spotlight" encore. Dave seemed a bit humble though. He didn't take advantage of the spotlight as much as he could have.

Second Encore I was just having so much fun! For "If only you knew" I decided (somewhere in the middle) to start singing directly to Murray. I was reachign out to him and singing "how much I think of you" when he suddenly noticed. It was obviously unexpected. hee hee. BUT Murray's a good sport. He grinned and chuckled silently to himself. What a great smile, though. Thanks Murray.

Cher's Believe was next - the disco beat was there but I kept the boa this time.

The final encore was the Drinking Song. All arm-in-arm, supported by new friends, I cried. I could have tried to stop and pretend the song didn't touch me anymore, but it does. ESPECIALLY live. And this past year makes the song more personal I suppose. Listening to it at this concert, I found new meaning in familiar lyrics. I know the lyrics have meaning for everyone, and for me they speak to me about my father and his life - and his recent passing. "...And the band played on..."

ONWARD: Well, when the lads exited the stage, the lights came up. I doublechecked with Elfchild about murray's setlist and the cryptic "DR" under "drinking". Ponder ponder ponder.. (lightbulb flash!) Stage Directions! "GRAB it, Kelsey! That's it" And grab it she did. :) We managed to get the stage guys to find two more.. so Gordon has one too. :)

After the concert was obviously over to the rest of the Fruheads, nobody really wanted to leave. They had a heck of a time getting us to claim our coats let alone leave the building. heh heh. You can lead a fruhead to water... Uh, yeah.

SO that's it for my review, as rambly as it sounds. Tune in at the NEXT show where you can hear Dr. Bob say "And the band played on ... "

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