Live Show: 03/08/97


Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

It just doesn't get any better than this...

Moxy appeared at the Jubilee Centre in Sudbury, Ontario as part of the Northern Lights Folk Festival. This show, the trip up to Sudbury, and everything else that happened that weekend, was easily the best fruhead experience of my life. Read on...

Let's see, where did this Fruhead journey begin? Oh yeah, now I remember. :-) I left Rochester on Saturday morning around eight and met up with Laurie Addenbrooke in Buffalo at around nine. We left for Toronto at ten, where Chris Traugott and Zard Snodgrass were awaiting our arrival. Chris and Zard were visiting Toronto for the weekend, so we all decided to make the trek up to Sudbury together.

The newsgroup fruhead buttons hadn't arrived yet, so we reverted back to the original plan of using flowers to identify ourself to other newsgroup fruheads. Zard bought us four roses, right before we left downtown Toronto at around one in the afternoon.

Sudbury is a long drive from Toronto, but we made pretty good time. Including stopping for gas and a visit to a diner that was straight out of Pulp Fiction, we got to Sudbury at around 6pm. Many times on the drive up we experienced the "Fruvous mind-meld", where two or more of us were thinking the same thing, quoting lines from bootlegs, etc... It was so nice to be with people who understand!! :-) The Days Inn Hotel was described as being "staggering distance from the venue", so we got a room there for the night.

We went to the venue early (doors didn't officially open till about 7:30), and hung out in the lobby while the guys did their sound check. Jian and Mike came out and chatted with us for a bit. A gentleman named Mike (can't remember his last name, but he organized that night's concert for the Festival) approached us and asked us if we wouldn't mind just waiting in the lobby until we were allowed in the venue. Well, then he realized that we were from the U.S. (since we had to buy tickets in advance, they knew we were coming) and asked us, "Are you the fans from America?"

From then on it was like VIP treatment. None of the four of us were expecting this in the least. Mike was the absolute nicest guy in the world. He let us go in and pick seats ahead of time, which was very cool. The venue was small and intimate. He also told us that the media wanted to talk to us since they were interested in the fact that we came all that way to see a show. I guess the idea of Americans coming to Sudbury for a folk festival was big news up there. We were all like, "OK?" :-)

The opening act was Kevin Kloss, a guitar player/singer who was joined on stage by his brother, Darcy, who also played guitar as well as a couple other instruments. They went on stage around 9pm and were excellent. The music had a strong celtic feel, and the songs were beautiful. They played for about an hour, after which we had a half-hour wait until Moxy took the stage.

Well, during that time, we were interviewed by a local TV station (I think it was "BOX" TV). The guy asked us where we were from, why we came up here to see the show, stuff like that. I think all four of us were somewhat uncomfortable, but it was still kind of exciting.

Moxy came on, and did a great set. As Chris and Zard mentioned, they definitely looked rested and well-fed. :-) They played for about two hours, and were just totally in the groove. They were very tight, and did some of the new material that will be on the new album. The lyrics for the new songs were most likely exactly they way they'll be on the album. People stayed seated mostly, with some dancing here and there.

Trevor is doing their sound again, and John won't be joining them on tour dates from now on. I guess there was a lot of hassles with him crossing the border with the band so often, so everyone involved thought it would be best.

After the show, we hung around with Marcus, talked to Jian and Murray (Dave and Mike had to split early). We also talked with Tara Full of Bourbon (from Toronto) and her friend (can't remember her name), and finally left the venue around 2am.

Back at the hotel, we hung with Marcus (they were staying at the Days Inn as well) and gabbed away till about five in the morning. (I was soooo tired) Sunday morning we left Sudbury around eleven (talk about lack of sleep), and dropped Chris and Zard off at the Toronto airport at four in the afternoon. After saying my goodbyes to them (see you guys soon!!), and then to Laurie in Buffalo, I got back to Rochester around seven on Sunday night.

I had so much fun during this weekend. I finally got to meet Zard, and see Laurie and Chris again. Moxy shows are definitely something to be shared with friends, and we had the absolute best time.. This was definitely the greatest Früvous evening I've ever had since I've been seeing the band live.

We'll always have Sudbury...

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The Music

Sound Check (came in during the middle of it - 6:45pm) Opened with The Set Closed with Encore

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