Live Show: 03/20/97


Albany, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Another show, another road trip...

I endeavored to make the trip from Rochester to Albany, where Moxy was performing at Valentine's, a kind of seedy bar/music club. I left Rochester at three in the afternoon and got into Albany at around half past six. (Not bad time, actually) I was there way too early, as always. After sitting at the bar for a while, I unfortunately was roped into a conversation with some drunk old man about the impending revolution and the problems with the current American system of juris prudence. He was doing most, if not all, of the talking.

Thankfully, people my own age began to pour in. I noticed a couple of guys that I've seen at other shows, so I introduced myself to Joshua Kranz (affiliated with yeP!) and his friend (I can't remember his name for the life of me). We discussed recent shows and other related Frü-topics.

There were a LOT of under 21 people there, and the bar shoved them all in this small room that was not part of the bar area. Eventually, their numbers grew, and they began spilling into the bar and forming something I guess you might refer to as a line, in which I was not in, since I figured, "Well, I got here early enough, I'm not under 21, and the bouncer saw me here all this time, I should have no problem." As you'll see, I got lucky.

They started letting people in the line go upstairs to the music room at around 8:30. The bouncer told me that I couldn't just cut back into line without starting some kind of riot, but once he turned to walk away, I managed to squeeze back in. Hell, I was there an hour before everyone else!! :-)

The upstairs section of Valentine's is quite small. I found Marcus, said my hellos, and staked a place out on the floor about 30 feet from the stage, right in the center. Moxy took the stage a little bit after nine.

The set was a little shorter than I would've liked (don't you wish they would play for four hours?? :-) since this was the first show they did along with The Nields, so each band had equal stage time. Halfway through the set, some annoying woman came around and made us all move closer to the stage, in order to fit more people in. Ten minutes later she made us all stand up, lest we be "kicked out by the owner".

Moxy played for a little more than an hour. Fairly standard set; reflective of the new album tracks that they seem to be performing live as of late. They didn't have tons of time for encores, unfortunately. After talking with Marcus some more, and saying hello to Dave, I left Albany around eleven and got back into Rochester at 2:30 in the morning.

Next stop, the Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester triple crown number two!!

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