Live Show: 3/22/97


Port Chester, NY

Reviewed by: Zard Snodgrass & Colleen Campbell

The Details

WOW!!! We picked up Colleen at Newark Airport (after her many attempts to find a plane that would actually deliver her to the NY area BEFORE the show, instead of well-after), along with her massage table, which we had to practically fold again before it would squish into my car, and set off for Port Chester.

Once in the town we had to ask about half of South America directions to the venue, but ended up arriving just as the guys were coming in, and who should be coming in behind them but Laurie Addenbrooke, who had thought she wasn't coming! We found Caiti, and then saw more and more familiar people. The venue wasn't really small, but it wasn't very full, either, and we had the full and total joy of, once Fruvous started, having a group of about 25-30 Fruheads positioned in front of the stage, with plenty of room to boogie!! A dream come true, as the boys pack more and more folks into their shows. And DID we boogie!

The show was awesome - great mix of old and new, with some fun stuff thrown in, and a few shades of the Sudbury "smoking gondola" since there was an upstairs "smoking lounge". We almost got the Love Boat theme song, but they stopped short! During Johnny Saucep'n we got the aforementioned crowd to hand jive, John Green got his reference, and so many folks pointed at Dave during "Hey, NOT the Beatles" that he looked a little alarmed at the crowd! At about 1 and 1/2 hours, it was quite an opening act.

When the Neilds started, the larger Fruvous contingent stepped back to enjoy chatting with each other, catching up, meeting folks we hadn't met before, etc... and we hung out until about 12:15/12:30, by which time the venue had morphed into a techno-disco, full of really big guys in large fluffy jackets, really tough attitudes, and big sneakers. (It got kind of scary - amazing how the crowd changed!) Another late night back in New York, chatting w/Jason and Colleen, and scamming back rubs!

From Colleen Campbell:

More notes on the show: The guys were clearly having a great time with this one. After "Nuits de Reve," they told the crowd to ask them later to explain what it meant, and then Dave started singing a tongue-in-cheek "translation": "How can I get a jelly donut? What do I have to do in this province of yours? How do I say, 'double creme,' monsieur? This is what I prefer. . ." They broke out into the "smoking lounge" music at least three times, Jian hamming it up in a lounge singer voice. After "Johnny Saucep'n," during which a lot of us were doing the Grease "hand jive" dance at Zard's instigation, Mike commented that now he knew what the Methodists would look like, doing the Macarena. And since the audience was clearly unfamiliar with their work (the 25-30 of us at the front were just about the only people there who knew anything of them), they kept teasing the crowd to take three steps forward if they liked what they heard, three steps back if they didn't. . .and hopefully they wouldn't all end up at the back of the room.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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