Live Show: 3/25/97


Baltimore, MD

Reviewed by: Chris Traugott & Zard Snodgrass

The Details

Here's part of Chris T's review from the ng:

As Zard and I were quaffing beers at Fletchers, waiting for the show to start and listening to Le Chic "Freak Out" blaring over the intercom, Zard turned to me and said "You know, following a band is a hobby, like knitting. Only you get a lot less sleep." Please keep this in mind while reading this post. :-)

Fruvous went on about midnight and finished up about half past one; the guys commented a few times on how nice it was to see so many people out that late on a school night. Strange-ish crowd last night though, kind of a frat party atmosphere, lots of audience chatter, although not much interaction with the band, except for a guy who kept yelling for the Drinking Song. Quite a few people wearing old Fruvous gear who seemed to be into the Bargainville stuff, but I didn't see a lot of recognition of the new tunes. When they played Michigan Militia, a large portion of the crowd cheered after "polishing up my AK-47." Err...welcome to Baltimore? Had a few tech problems with the accordion and the sound system. Mike did a fun improv about Fells Point (where the club is) and Murray had a nice bass solo during the cover of Mr. Know It All.

Got to meet Karen Hole (hi Karen!) and her friend, as well as Dede and Sue from Philly. It was great to see Holly, whom I hadn't seen since Buffalo, she sends "happy thoughts and warm fuzzies."

Finally, (not to perpetuate the myth that all we talk about on this ng is what the gents wear on stage), I must note that Dave wore an Eddie From Ohio t-shirt. Zard and I were happy to see one of our local favorites get a Fruvous plug.

And here's Zard's review from the ng:

The show here was quite good - by this time the Neilds were starting to open for Fruvous again, so we hung back until the set change, then squirmed front again. Here at least there was no fence, but space was very tight up front, and there wasn't any bopping space.

The show was good (almost goes without saying), but the crowd was pretty tough. They cheered for the AK-47 line, which worried me, although Jian later said that that was only a small contingent. All I know is that for the first time ever, when the Drinking Song started, and I put my arms around the strangers near me, they didn't react AT ALL. Nothing, no arms, barely any swaying. I felt abandoned, and really missed the warm and fuzzy Frucrowd from Port Chester!!

There were a number of other Fruheads, but I wasn't near them - Bonnie, Karen, Holly, ...who it was nice to meet up with after the show and chat with, but we weren't cohesive enough during the show to warm up the frat crowd. Oh well.

The Music

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Misc. Info

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