Live Show: 3/26/97


Washington, D.C.

Reviewed by: Zard Snodgrass

The Details

Moxy appeared in-store at Tower records during lunch.

From Zard:

What a special treat!! (even a "human treat"!) Thanks to Karen Hole, who posted in time for Chris to see it, and to tell me, I was able to take a long lunch to attend this wonderful event only a few blocks from my office, and able to drag along 4 friends from work, who were of course wondering if I had lost my mind, following this random Canadian band all over (I'm sure NONE of you can relate!!) We scurried over rather late, as people had faxes to send and sodas to buy, of course at this point they didn't realize how much they really didn't want to miss of this.

We walked in just a minute before they started playing, and it was rather gratifying to be waved at upon entry. I joyously pointed out that I'd brought along 4 new people, and then the guys launched into about 45 mintues of great music. During Boss they paraded through the store, and during the 2 seconds of silence near the end, a voice paged a staff member over the loudspeaker - couldn't have been choreographed better! They did Mich. Milit., Get in the Car, Moon, King, and many others. Just a great set!!

Other Fruheads there were Karen and Paul Sabourin, and a familiar-looking woman, who I ended up meeting that night. And it was fun to see the bare semi-circle in front of them fill up as people got more into them. My own friends were impressed from the first chords, and ended up buying a few CD's. Two of them who hadn't been planning on going to the Bayou that night ended up changing their minds, so we got them tickets, and now if you see an Ashley with Chris and I on our jaunts, know that she was converted then and there (just like Uncle Ben's rice). What a nice way to start the afternoon at work! And my work friends finally UNDERSTAND!! Whee!!

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Misc. Info

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