Live Show: 3/28/97


Amagansett, NY

Reviewed by: Harry Strole & Colleen Campbell

The Details

Ah, Stephen's Talkhouse. This was no mere show, this was an event. Some straggling Fruheads made it out to the east end of Long Island (only Montauk is further east). This particular club has a reputation for attracting such luminaries as Paul Simon and Paul McCartney. But, walking in, it just seems like some neighborhood bar. Actually the "regulars" at the bar proved to be a rough crowd. During "I Love My Boss," Jian led the others through from the stage area up to the stodgy bar crowd. This seemed to loosen the whole place up and turned the show from the uptightness of the beginning into a virtual lovefest, complete with good vibes for everyone, man, even the heavies, yeah.

On a personal note I bought my copy of "You Will Go To The Moon" at this show and walked away with their stage setup sheet. I wonder how they made iot through the rest of the tour.

The Music

The Set

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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