Live Show: 4/8/97


Cincinnati, OH

Reviewed by: Mike Powers & Stephen Noel Spencer

The Details

From Mike Powers:

I had a great time at this show, even after driving from Cedar Rapids, IA that day and then back to Champaign last night after the show. I was really impressed with Dave's solos, the addition of the keyboard, and, of course, the humor. Outstanding (despite early tech problems and a week off).

Cee you in Champaign (next),

Marty, it was nice to meet you!!!!

From Stephen Noel Spencer:

I hadn't realized until the other night that I hadn't seen Moxy Fruvous since last September up in Cleveland. That's a *long* time for me -- last summer we were lucky enough to see them numerous times.

Made the road trip to Cincinnati for their show at Topcat's, a bar on Vine Street near the University of Cincinnati. Hadn't been there before, and it wasn't too bad, though there were a number of people smoking in the place and the ventilation wasn't the greatest. (OK, enough already. I know it was a bar, and people smoke in bars. And no, I don't smoke and don't like to breathe it. Still, it was smokier than normal for a bar.) The venue wasn't too bad -- nice sight lines, and the sound was pretty good.

My wife's face lit up when Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Starting Something" started on the PA -- she'd seen them in Philadelphia with the Nields last month and knew we weren't far away from the show.

Gosh, what a good show. A little problem with a cable (Murray said "Sorry for the solar flare during the first song...") and some feedback early on, but other than that it was great. They sound better and stronger than ever, and mixed together lots of songs from YWGTTM with older material and a few covers.

Question for others who attended: What book was Mike reading from during "Sahara" -- I couldn't make it out. (Marty, you were down close on that side, any idea?)

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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