Live Show: 4/11/97


Champaign, IL

Reviewed by: Mike Powers & Michael Connelly

The Details

Moxy appeared at Mabel's. Here's the newsgroup post from Mike Powers:

A fantastic show. I really like the new stuff live, and I have been quite impressed with the instrumental musicianship in the two shows I've seen on this tour. Dave's guitar solos are quite nice, especially on the funkier stuff (Sahara, Lazlo, Message). However, the crowd gave me pause. Granted, it was a college town with limited things to do on a Friday night. However, I was (unpleasantly) amazed at the number of people at the show that seemed to be there for the "event" or lack of anything better to do than for the music. Much of the humor seemed lost on the crowd, and Moxy even commented on the vacant look in the eyes of the crowd. But I have to say that GE&H and the Billy Jean Meddley reached even the most distant/stand-offish fans in the place.

It turns out that Jian is really sick, and they considered cancelling the show last night. &*%^ sorry about that. AAAAgh my editor is screwing me up. I gotta go. I'll see you all in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, and places to be named later. Which reminds me: I didn't see one ng button or even Fruhead T-shirt last night. Where were you all? I hope to meet some more of you at these upcoming shows. But we'll talk about that then.


Mike Powers

From Michael Connelly:

I was also at the champaign show - along with the stuff that other people have already mentioned, they did little bits of Begin the Beguine, Smoke Gets in My Eyes (with the lyrics changed to sweat gets in my eyes), Champaign Supernova (supposedly a song about the town), Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, and the one that goes "and then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like I love you" (what is that song anyway? one of theirs or a cover?).

Dave also did a really funny intro to Tureen that included a story of him getting caught by his parents after he and some friends spent an afternoon with "some hash and a coke bottle with a hole in the know what I'm talking about..."

Dave: "Since then, my mom has thought this song was about coke...but it's not"

Jian: "It's about crack!"

Dave: "It's about whatever drug you want it to be about.."

And then during the song, Dave was doing big hand gestures at various points..."That's the loveliest POT that I've ever seen." So much for subtlety...

Well, I guess that's all I'll get to see this tour. Hopefully they'll be back (and will make up the Milwaukee show, too) fairly soon.

The Pictures

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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