Live Show: 04/25/97


Syracuse, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

You know how it feels when you think things are the best they'll be, and then life surprises you and makes it even better? Well, welcome to the Syracuse show.

My friend Kevin attends Syracuse University, so I met up with him. After some dinner, we got to Styleen's Rhythm Palace at around 7:30pm. Doors were supposed to open at 8:15, but they ended up not opening till after 9. While standing in line, I finally got to met Zay (and her Mom), and also see Marc Stress and his wife, whom I'd met at earlier Fruvous shows. Laurie was also there, and I met her boyfriend, Craig, for the first time. I met a bunch of other people too, but I'm horrible with names. Hi everyone!!

The concert area was somewhat small, and not many people were waiting in line to get in. Once doors opened, however, the place filled up nicely. The Beatles were playing on the sound system, and once Michael Jackson's "Wanna be startin' somethin'" came on, I knew the guys would be up soon (they did the same thing the night before in Buffalo).

Moxy got on stage a little after 10pm. Since they were not the headliners, they only played for less than an hour. Johny Vegas is from Syracuse, so they were the main act. The Nields did not join the party, unfortunately.

Albeit a short set, it was a good one. Mostly new stuff, with some old standards thrown in (see below). Dave is still sick, but getting better; he told me after the show that he feels fine, it's that he just can't sing. I guess his throat is all screwed up. Get better soon, Dave!!

The highlight of the show (at least for me) was during "I Love My Boss". Mike sang, "Who knows what Chris O'Malley will be bringing?" I was completely surprised!! :-) I must have had the biggest smile on my face from that point on. Thanks to the guys for one of the coolest moments I've ever experienced.

After the show, I talked to Marcus, and saw Dave in the bar hanging out, and said a quick Hello. I needed to get home soon so Kevin and I didn't stay for Johny Vegas. I left Syracuse at 12:30 in the morning, and headed back to Rochester, where they're playing on Saturday.

So, once again, I get to see the boys in my home town!!

Thanks to Katie (Fruhead1) for telling me what was written on the band's setlist:

END 97

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