Live Show: 04/26/97


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Well, I've reached the end of yet another "triple crown".

After leaving my boss' bachelor party on Saturday afternoon, I arrived at Spectrum at 6:30pm and was greeted by a fairly established gathering of people, considering how early it was. I saw a couple people I recognized, Zay and Katie, and staked out a place as close to the door as possible.

I decided to maintain my balcony seat, since it seemed that the show was going to be an absolute mob scene. I met two brothers in line, Stuart and Steve, who were very cool. I ended up chatting with them during the long wait to get into the club. Some people didn't want to keep their balcony seats, so they sold them to these guys. The three of us decided we'd sit together upstairs and enjoy the show in comfort.

The doors didn't open till 8pm, even though the ticket said the show started at 7:30 (isn't Rochester beautiful?) We went up to the balcony (oooh, 'Lee' reference) and got some seats right up front. Turns out we sat right next to the Reserved seats being saved for Jian's parents (they came up from Toronto to see the show). The three of us talked to them briefly before the show started; they looked like they were having a great time. They were all smiles when Jian came out on stage. :-)

The Nields went on at about 8:30, and only played for a half an hour. They did a quick excerpt from Lazlo's Career, but it was unfortunate that they couldn't stay on stage longer. They're great!

Johny Vegas came on stage around 9:30, and played a little too long in my opinion. People were actually telling them to stop playing. There were a group of teenage girls, scantily clad, dancing in their bras at the top of the balcony during most of Vegas' set. Unfortunately, they received a lot of attention for their efforts. Once again, good 'ol Rochester.

Moxy came on at 11pm to a still energetic crowd. They played for a little more than an hour and a half. Highlights included: the return of Bytor (from Buffalo two nights before), a quick spotlight on Jian's parents, and the new loungey Spiderman (first time I've heard this live).

Dave was still sick, and sounded very hoarse. Some people made him a "Get Well" sign (see below), which was very nice. Dave, rest up, and get better real soon!

After the show, the people working at the venue were being extremely rude. They basically told us "Get the hell out!!" Despite this, some people stayed, and I managed to say a quick Hello to Jian before being booted out the door.

Hi's to everyone there: Zay, Katie, Laurie and all her friends, Lara, Spidey, Steve and Stuart, Jian's parents, Jude, Marcus, Teri, and everyone else I saw there (sorry if I forgot anyone). :-)

So soon, my first all Ontario triple crown (at the end of May). Until then, keep on Früvin!!

Thanks to Katie (Fruhead1) for telling me what was written on Murray's setlist:


From Freetime magazine (4/23/97):

Moxy Fruvous w/ Johny Vegas & The Nields; The Spectrum, April 26

Before being signed by Warner Music Canada, quasi-acappella group Moxy Fruvous had reached "gold" (50,000) units in Canada with its six-song eponymous indie cassette release and had opened for the like of Bryan Adams and Bob Dylan.

In 1993, the Toronto groups's debut album Bargainville, went platinum in Canada while the band toured sold-out theaters across Canada and garnered a Juno nomiation for Group of the Year. They followed this with non-stop touring throughout the U.S. and Europe allowing Moxy to hone their skills and develop a fanatical fan following who are known internationally as the "Fruheads."

In 1995, the band released their second album, Wood, a more intimate and personal record and have just put out their third full-length record, You Will Go To The Moon. The experimental sounds of Moxy Fruvous combines "gansta banjo hip-hop", "accordion love songs", "Persian epics" and "solid pop songs" into one cohesive package.

Editor's Note: See Innerview with Moxy Fruvous on page 25.

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