Live Show: 5/4/97


Charleston, WV

Reviewed by: Angel Cat

The Details

This humble hillbilly finally got her fruvy fix - I was front and center at the Mountain Stage live public radio show in Charleston, WV on Sunday, May 4. Magnificent! Beautiful! Here' s the setlist:

(see below)

Yes, very short, there were 3 other artists on the 2 hour show, too. The fruvs also got in on the traditional last song of the show where all the artists jam together. This night it happened to be King of the Road by Roger Miller. Other artists who performed, and also dazzlingly, were Marty Stuart and his tight-as-a-cat's-ass band, Roger McGuinn (yes he played Chestnut Mare, just for me), and the great songwriter Jimmy Webb. All in all a truly spectacular show of top notch musicians. Of course my fruv virgin friends were blown away and demanded to borrow Wood, Bargainville, and the new one.

And of course the guys were very kind and friendly afterwards, chatting with us goo-goo eyed fans with real sincerity. They even appeared interested when I thrust my band's demo into their hands.

Can't wait for Philly Folk Fest!


The Music

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Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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