Live Show: 5/8/97


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Vince Reh

The Details


Watched the band on Canada A.M. this morning (May 8), they were on for five minutes. As a lead-in, a clip of a video was shown (B&W, showed scenes of experimental flying). They were then interviewed by Valerie Pringle (the show's hostess), Dave and Jean did most of the talking, Mike said little, and Murray said nothing.

She mentioned Jean's t-shirt, which had "favorite black t-shirt" printed on the front, and then asked about the upbeat nature of Moon vs. Wood. They said they made Wood when they were a bit depressed about girlfriends, so the album was "dark."

When asked about the title of Moon, Dave said that it was named after a favorite childhood book. Jean mentioned another favorite childhood book (sri, can't remember title), which surprised Pringle, as it was a favorite of her's as well. He also mentioned that they all hail from T-O.

Pringle then commented on the Beatlesque nature of many of the songs on Moon, and Jean commented they all loved the Beatles, who he believes are making a big comeback.

They then played Mich Militia. Murray had a Fender Bass, Jean a small trapset with kick bass, Mike a megaphone and a small handheld keyboard, and Dave a five-string banjo.

At the end of the program, a clip of the performance was used to the fade.

I thought they sounded great, were really together, and the megaphone was very effective. The audio quality was good as well. In my opinion, they were rather subdued and didn't joke around as much as they usually do. They didn't look tired, maybe it was the hour or their limited time slot.

Overall, I'm glad I woke up early to catch the performance.

As far as political comments, I won't make any, as I don't believe they belong in this forum.

Vince Reh in Vt.

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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