Live Show: 05/14/97


Albany, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

At first, I was a bit surprised that Moxy was performing again at a venue they had played less than two months ago. Wednesday night concerts usually don't draw big crowds, either. Despite all this, the show was excellent.

I left Rochester at three in the afternoon and got into Albany at about 6:30 (good time, I might add!) I was going to meet Zard at the bar, and of course, I got there way too early, so I sat in the bar and waited. Zard showed up around 7:30, and we grabbed some dinner at a place down the street (called "Quintessence", very good food!). By this point, the guys had already shown up (I saw them parking the van and unloading it). We talked to Jian and Marcus briefly after dinner and found out that Moxy wouldn't hit the stage till 11:30 or so.

After a quick stop at the hotel to drop off our stuff, we got back to Valentine's at 9:30, and doors were already open. Upstairs we met up with Dan Carps, Dan Jablonski, Charlie (whom I'd met at the Syracuse show a couple weeks back) and his friend Colin. We shot some pool, talked to Marcus and told stories about the shows we've seen.

The opening act, which garnered a crowd of about 5 people, went on at about 10:45 and finished around 11:15. I was amazed at how empty the place was; there were probably about 100 people there to see Fruvous. Moxy came on stage roughly near half past eleven, and played for about an hour and a half. All four of them are past their respective illnesses and sounded great. The show was full of impromptu teases, and other treasures (see below for more details).

After the show, we all sat around and talked to the guys (perfect opportunity to do so considering the small turnout). Jian was saying how cool he thinks the newsgroup buttons are, and that they allow people from all over to come see shows and still have a common bond with some of the people there. "It's an invitation to go up to someone and say 'Hi'", he said.

Finally got to meet Susan Tanner of Bottom Line Records. She's really cool. She's originally from Buffalo and will most likely be at the Lafayette Square show, so if you see her, say Hello! Heck, if you see me, say hello! :-)

Dan J., Zard and I said goodbye to everyone and headed back to our hotel at around 2:30 in the morning. We then proceeded to talk for an hour about the show (how can you not?!?) and hit the hay at about four in the morning (uggh) to catch a whopping four hours sleep (we all had to be back to our real lives as early as humanly possible).

I wish I could have continued on to the rest of the shows on this weekend (Boston, etc...), but I will be seeing them on May 22-24 in various Ontario cities, so that's not too long. Can't wait!! :-)

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The Music

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