Live Show: 5/16/97


Boston, MA

Reviewed by: Dan Jablonski

The Details

I took a two hour lunch this afternoon and went down to the street corner performance in Brattle Square in Cambridge. It was great to see them playing outside on a street corner I've walked by many times before..

The weather wasn't great, so the foot traffic outside wasn't what it usually is.. In spite of that, they drew a pretty good crowd. It looked like most of the people there already knew Fruvous, though..

let's see if i can remember the whole set....

(see below)

i think that's everything..


At the start, Jian and the crowd waved hello to a guy in a second floor office across the street (behind the crowd, facing the stage). He waved back.

There was no echo, so I could actually understand Mike when he spoke through the bullhorn!

Dave broke a guitar string again.. (he broke one last night, too..)


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The Music

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The Set

Misc. Info

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