Live Show: 05/23/97


Port Dover, ON

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Heather told me that I could probably expect quite a different show than the one from the previous night, since the venue to which we were headed was a small, cozy, sit-down "concert hall". As always, Moxy never ceases to amaze me and made this one of the most unique shows I've ever seen.

Heather, her parents and I left her house in Hamilton at around 6:30 and after a quick hour drive pulled into Port Dover. It's a very cozy, water-side community. We met up with Sharilyn, Beryl and Nikolai in front of the venue. They had seen the sound check, but doors hadn't opened yet.

The venue was quite small, actually. The stage included a stone fireplace and a piano, which I was hoping Fruvous would take advantage of. At eight or so, the opening act, called Four Wins, started. They were four girls from the local high school and performed some acappella tunes as well as some accompanied by the piano. I must admit I was impressed. They had a real nice sound.

Moxy started at around nine, and began the show with a *real* "human treat". Each of the guys came out in turn, and did a solo song (see below for details), very similar to the Ann Arbor show a few weeks ago. It was so cool to see Jian and Murray playing guitar (I'd never seen this before). After the openers, all four of them came out and did an hour and a half set which included tons of on-the-spot songs, some noodling with the piano (although not as much as I would've liked), and other tid-bits.

I have a feeling that many people who were at the show had never seen Fruvous before. As always, Moxy won over the crowd and was commended with standing ovations before each encore.

All of us headed back to Heather's house fairly soon after the show was over. Her parents really enjoyed them; this was their first show. We all sat around and listened to the sounds of Fruvous before falling asleep at 1am.

So now we come my first outdoor concert in a very long time. The weather just hasn't been good enough lately for festivals and such. Guelph, here we come!!

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The Music

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Misc. Info

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