Live Show: 05/24/97


Guelph, ON

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Well, sadly, I have come to the end of another triple crown. This show, and the two which preceded it, combined to form the best variety of Moxy I'd seen yet. We had a bar on Thursday, a sit-down theatre on Friday, and an outdoor festival on Saturday.

Heather, Nikolai, Sharilyn and I picked up Heather's friend Karen and left Hamilton at noonish. We got to Guelph a couple hours early; Moxy wasn't slated to go on stage till three. The streets were blocked off, and all of downtown Guelph was swarming with people, merch booths and games for the kids. One thing that I thought was really cool was a huge chess board set up on the street.

Before Moxy came on the main stage, they had these five women who dance and do aerobics to music. They were...ummm...interesting. Elliot Schwartz met up with us at that point, so we talked Fruvous till the guys started their set.

Moxy was only on stage for about an hour, and didn't have any encores. There was a group of young children dancing in front of the stage for the entire show, and about five gazillion bugs that were hell bent on making my life miserable. Despite all this, Moxy did a solid set and were well received by the crowd.

Afterwards, we talked to the guys, and basically hung out for a while. Tara (full of bourbon) was there, and also Jude, so there was plenty of chatting to be done. We left after a bit, headed home to Heather's, dropped Nikolai off, and I said my goodbyes to everyone before heading back home to Rochester.

Thanks to Fruvous for giving me yet another weekend of fond memories. It was so nice to see all my friends again, and to see Fruvous in so many different environments. The guys never let me down, and I always have the best time at their shows.

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