Live Show: 05/31/97


Clinton, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Ahhh, another Fruhead reunion. It was so nice to see all my friends again, and at a show such as this, no less. What a great time...

It took me about four hours to drive from Ottawa to Clinton, thanks to some of the beautiful two-lane highways in the Empire State. I spent more time passing cars than anything else. I got into Clinton at four in the afternoon, where I immediately found Laurie and her boyfriend Craig. Zard, Chris Traugott and Jason Reiser (who had only just procured a ticket the night before) showed up soon thereafter.

After catching up a bit with one another, we grabbed some dinner before the show, and were joined by Laurie's friends, Beth and Bethann. Jenn (AJPenfield) was also with us. Clinton is a very small town, basically consisting of one main block. Fruheads came from all over to see this show, and we hung around outside before doors opened and visited with each other. Mike and Kelly from Buffalo also made the trek down to see the show.

Doors opened at 7:30 and the opening act, Tom Stahl, went on at around eight. He played guitar and harmonica and his songs were mostly of the folk-ballad variety. He was quite good. I thought he had a very powerful voice. The audience really enjoyed his performance, as well as Moxy's.

Moxy came on stage at about nine and did a very different set compared to what they've been doing lately. They started with the first four tracks from Wood, and Jason and I thought that they were just gonna keep going and do the whole album. They didn't really talk at all between songs either. However, after the fourth song, they finally started talking to the crowd and getting back into normal Fruvous mode.

Dave was sporting a pair of leather pants that were either the same pair that Katrina Nields was wearing a month or so prior, or a new pair that looked amazingly like them. There were a TON of impromptu bits during this show as well. During I Love My Boss, Mike and Dave realized that Jason and I were recording and Mike decided to add some sublinimal messages to our recordings. I almost was on the floor, I was laughing so hard. Later in the show, Dave's guitar cut out for a bit, so they sang all of "Homeward Bound", along with very nice audience accompaniment. And near the end, Dave thanked the internet Fruheads while Mike did a quick "Have Modem - Will Travel" number.

After the show, we hung around the venue and visited with the guys for a looong time. Murray was surprised to see Jason and I in the same place, equating us to Clark Kent/Superman. We talked about pretty much everything it seemed: other bands, politics, the internet. I had a blast at this show; it was so nice to see them in such an intimate venue where they could really let loose during the set and hang out to chat for so long afterwards.

Once back at the hotel, we were so wired from the show that we finally didn't get to sleep till about five in the morning. The next morning we had our morning meeting (some would call it breakfast), said our goodbyes (or actually "til next times") and all headed home by around noon.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a fabulous time. This definitely ranks up there with the great Fruvous shows, like Sudbury :-) Can't wait to see everyone again!! Take care all...

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