Live Show: 6/13/97


New York, NY

Reviewed by: Dan Jablonski

The Details

From there [Baltimore], I went to Philly for the day on Friday, then up to NYC for the HMV instore that evening. I arrived at HMV panting at 5:59pm. They didn't start until well after 6, tho, so I had a chance to say hello to everyone and rest a bit.

Fruvous came down the escalator and took the (very small) stage in one of the windows at HMV. The set lasted about half an hour, and included Buy our Disc (I reached behind me and grabbed a random CD off the shelf to hold up when Jian held up the YWGTTM disc. I looked at it afterwards and realized I had flashed a "Hole" CD at him..), BJ, Spiderman, and a bunch of songs I don't remember anymore because I was having so much fun watching them taunt the people on the street.

After the show, HMV announced the sale price of the disc, and started it playing in the store. They left the video monitors on showing random other videos. We think we've discovered the videos for No No Raja and especially Kick in the Ass.

After dinner, Jason R., Rob, Carps, Jered and jhawk (two friends from MIT) and I went back to Jason's apartment and watched/listened to music of Fruvous and others for hours (well, OK, Carps and I watched the end of the basketball game first... :) )

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Misc. Info

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