Live Show: 6/22/97


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Ouch. All of my sunburn in all the wrong places. Of course, when is sunburn ever in the right place?

I guess this UV-intensive journey begins Sunday morning. I left Rochester at a little past nine, and after a little more than an hour's worth of driving, and one speeding ticket later, I got to Laurie Addenbrooke's place at 10:30. Her friend Rad (who introduced her to Fruvous) joined us and we headed towards the Canadian border.

At the duty free shop, we met up with Mike and Kelly SantaLucia. They had their two boys, Josh and Jake, with them as well. Our mini-fruvous entourage left America at eleven in the morning and headed for Hamilton to pick up the final passenger on this fruvous trek.

We got into Hamilton at noon and stopped at the Tim Horton's down the street from Heather Rolph's house. What a coincedence, Heather works there! :-) (Actually, I knew this beforehand, so we went there to torment her) We had some lunch while she ran home to get ready. We ended up leaving Hamilton at 12:30 or so, and after some crazy driving (I think we thoroughly confused Mike and Kelly who were following us), and Rad and I "doing lines in the back seat" (don't ask, it will only make it worse), we got to Waterloo at a comfortable two in the afternoon.

We talked to Dave and Mike a bit before their set, and then staked out a patch of grass in front of the stage. It was *very* hot and *very* sunny... Despite my opposition, I ended up using a little bit of sunscreen, but apparently not enough, since now parts of my body are beat red (and it looks so strange since I have patches of red and patches of no tan at all). That'll learn me...

Moxy came on stage at about a quarter after three and played till four. Not a long set at all, but still good. I'm so happy that they're doing "Down From Above" more often now. It's so good live. I was very surprised to not hear KoS. The crowd was a little apathetic, but seemed to enjoy Moxy pretty well.

After the set, we talked to all of the guys for quite a while. Marcus was planning on surgery for his wrist that evening. Apparently, he checked into a hospital that morning, but left to do the show! :-) We also got to see Jude (from JAM) and a bunch of her friends, Tara (from Sudbury), Brenda (from Michigan), and many others. Autographs and pictures aplenty, we left the grounds somewhere around 5:30.

The group of us got some food in the local plaza, and also checked out the People magazine article on Moxy. (It was mentioned during the show) Not very long, I'm sorry to say, but it's good to see them getting prominent exposure. We headed our separate ways; Mike/Kelly back to Buffalo, and the rest of us to Hamilton to drop off Heather.

At Heather's, we all treated ourselves to Dicky D's (this kid riding a bike with a mini-ice cream truck attached). I've never seen something like that before in my life. Pretty cool. We headed back to Laurie's soon thereafter, and go into Buffalo at 8:30 in the evening.

I said my goodbyes, and headed home to Rochester, making it there by ten at night (whew, lot o' driving!) I then realized how bad my sunburn actually was...

Now, where's my Noxzema???

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