Live Show: 06/26/97


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Wow, what a night...

After leaving work at a healthy 3:30 in the afternoon, I decided to head down to Manhattan Square Park somewhat early, so I could catch up with old friends, etc. I've lived in Rochester my whole life, and of course I've never been to this park, which it turns out is a wonderful tribute to concrete. Kind of a huge stone ampitheatre set amongst the businesses of downtown Rochester. It looked like it could rain on Thursday morning, but the clouds broke and the sun was shining; it was a little too hot but the breeze was nice.

As soon as I arrived, I saw Zay and Katie (Fruhead1). They were already staking their claim near the stage. Shortly thereafter, Charlie, Colin, and Brett (whom I'd met at Syracuse in April) showed up and we hung out and chatted about recent shows. WCMF, the local classic rock station, was sponsoring this first of many Thursday night concerts, and had a van out by the entrance. They managed to snag the fru-four for a couple interviews and a quick rendition of the classic Spiderman.

I talked to Trevor a bit before the show, and it turns out this was his last show with the band. He's going to be doing the sound for 'The Waltons', so Lazlo will be taking over for a bit; I'm not sure if they're getting someone different on a permanent basis or not. Marcus wasn't present (hopefully recooperating after his wrist incident), but Jude was there, stamping cards and selling shirts, and always greeting people with a smile.

My parents and a friend of my mom's decided to see their first fru-show, so I visited with them for a bit (they didn't want to sit very close to the stage). Mike and Kelly SantaLucia arrived with kids in tow, followed by Laurie and Heather soon thereafter.

The opening act, Honeyrider, went on stage later than the anticipated start time of 5:30 (what a surprise, a show didn't start on time). I think they went on around six. To be honest, I was too busy talking to everyone that I really didn't hear their music. It was OK, I guess, from what I heard.

Moxy came on stage at a little past seven and played a pretty good length set (105 minutes or so). The crowd was extremely receptive to them, as they always are. A lot of impromptu bits, including The Who and Rush teases, and various jokes about Canada (with musical accompaniment).

Afterwards, all of us chatted with the guys for quite a while. Murray's birthday is coming up (6/29), so he received quite a few gifts from adoring fans. Mike gave me the first draft of the Fruvous crossword puzzle, which should be debuting fairly soon. Jian wants to start the buzz about the puzzle at some of the upcoming shows before it finally hits the public.

Hi's to everyone else I saw at the show (forgive if I forget): Zac, Kevin Burg, Andrea, Lara, Lindsay, Misha (fellow taper), Sam Park, Mike Scialdone, and others.

Afterwards, Laurie, Heather, Mike & Kelly & Family went to Perkin's for some much needed food. They all headed home at about one in the morning and I headed down the street to my comfy bed. :-)

Once again, thanks to everyone for making this such a fun show. I had a blast! I'll have to admit, previous Rochester shows have sometimes left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but last night was great. See you all soon!

From Freetime magazine (6/18/97, pg. 10):

Manhattan Square Park, June 26

Before being signed by Warner Music Canada, quasi-acappella group Moxy Fruvous had reached "gold" (50,000) units in Canada with its six-song eponymous indie cassette release and had opened for the like of Bryan Adams and Bob Dylan.

In 1993, the Toronto groups's debut album Bargainville, went platinum in Canada while the band toured sold-out theaters across Canada and garnered a Juno nomiation for Group of the Year. They followed this with non-stop touring throughout the U.S. and Europe allowing Moxy to hone their skills and develop a fanatical fan following who are known internationally as the "Fruheads."

In 1995, the band released their second album, Wood, a more intimate and personal record and have just put out their third full-length record, You Will Go To The Moon. The experimental sounds of Moxy Fruvous combines "gansta banjo hip-hop", "accordion love songs", "Persian epics" and "solid pop songs" into one cohesive package.

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