Live Show: 6/26/97


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Zac DeCamp

The Details

Well, I got two shows in one day, all thanks to a little luck. I went to a private Johny Vegas concert at Studio 7 on Wed. 6/25 because one of my friends got invited and could bring two friends. I ended up being one of the friends. The concert was fun, and if anyone cares it will be broadcast at 10pm on July 6th, but the thing that caught my attention was a picture over the door of the Fruboys. It was drawn all over to make them look like Kiss.

It said, "New Look! New Attitude! Moxy '99! Love, Johny Vegas." I thought it was great so I asked about them and the owner of the studio said that fruvous was going to be at the studio the next afternoon. I wanted to go, but he said that it was a closed session. Well, I have a friend in a band, Mike, and he has recorded at the studio before. I mentioned it to him and he hooked us up. We weren't positive that we were going to be allowed in, but we went anyways, just on a whim. We thought that they were supposed to be there at 2:00, and we didn't leave untill 2:10, so, we figured that we would be quite late and not see much. But, they came through again and were late. We got there about 15 minutes before they did. They got there and were really cool. Most remembered me, especially Dave and Murray. There was a misunderstanding between the guys at the studio and Fruvous, so fruvous thought that they were going to have to do an all acoustic set. When they got there and saw all of the equipment, they were surprised. So, they hooked up Murray's bass, and figured out what they could bring in that wouldn't take too long. Jian only brought in the snare, so it was somewhat weird without bass drum and cymbals. Dave got an acoustic and he played it unplugged through a mic. Mike got the electric. No banjo or accordion. They went through some parts of songs that everyone knows and loves, just to get warmed up. That was cool because I've never seen anything like that before.

Because of the limited amount of instruments they were only able to do 3 songs off of YWGTTM, and they would have liked to do more, but it worked out.

In between songs, lots of chatter. They were supposed to have an interview after the performance but it wasn't necessary because talked enough on their own. They interviewed themselves. Lots of references to the review in People. Overall, definitely a great experience, especially since I know that most people don't get something like that.


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They were going to do MBLABOA, but they never got around to it.

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