Live Show: 6/27/97


Louisville, KY

Reviewed by: Mike Powers

The Details

Hey all--

Great show, but what a weird experience! The show was a benefit for Project Warm, a Louisville based energy conservation project, and of the several hundred people there for the benefit, I'd say there were about 15 people familiar with Fruvous and maybe 5-10 actual fans. Huh. I came with my girlfriend and met up with Sandy, Rich, and Krista. When the show started, we walked up to the front (though still shy, front right, right in front of the speakers--loud!). Everyone else was sitting at tables at least 25 feet away from the stage. There was a big dance floor that was completely empty right in front of the stage (the place was huge, btw...GWAR and the former Jerry Garcia Band are some of the acts coming in July). Anyway, what followed was one of the most brilliant crowd-working experiences I have ever had the pleasure to witness. They were just so good at it! Even though they didn't deliver on the $1000 promised by Murray to the person closest to the stage at the end of the set, by the end of the show, the tables were all moved in (it reminded the band of the great western frontier crossing :-), and about 50 people were dancing in front of them. They were called back for 2 encores! Amazing.

The set included (in no order): Peace of Mind (Plug) BJ, River Valley, Stuck in the 90's (not retired), Spiderman, MBLABOA, Horseshoes, Fly, ILMBoss, Johnny Saucep'n, Greatest Man in America, Michgan Militia, Get in the Car, Your New Boyfriend, Incredible Medicine Show, KOS, Green Eggs, Love Potion #9, Dancin Queen, Drinking Song, maybe others?

The straightest musical performance I've seen them do (no lyric changes -- "short works of fiction", "international orchestra", etc.). Still hilarious between songs. Overall a great show!

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Mike P.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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