Live Show: 7/01/97


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Katie and Zac

The Details

Ok, we got into Toronto, from the Rochester area, around 10:30am. We proceded to the U of T campus to "justify" this trip. We spent about 1 hour walking around the grounds. The campus is beautiful, and i hope to go to Collage there, but thats another story.

Around noon we headed to the Queens Quay and proceeded to find Molson Place (thanks Heather!). As we walked around the side of the "shell" we ran into Marcus and Jian, whom we proceeded to greet. Poor Marcus! The poor man has about 6 screws and pins in his arm! But, he diligently stamped the cards and answered stupid questions... what a trooper!

We sat down and watched Murray, Mike, and Dave do a soundcheck. It was quite enjoyable, they jammed out a lot, which was fun to see. I *heard* they did another one, but we missed it.

Since we had found this elusive place without a hitch, we decided it was time for food (Zac decided haha!). On the was we ran into Murray, who said hello to us, but we QUICKLY moved on... stomachs can talk!

Around 1:30 it was time to stake out a spot. 2 seats were left in the front! How lucky! Needless to say, we nabbed them. Next to us were some rather enjoyable men from NYC. They were fun to talk to, and i filled them in on Ng doings, IRC and some general Fruvous info.

Fruvous graciously took the stage around 2. I *think* they were on time! wahoo! They began with "Peace of Mind," slightly (not so slightly) altered to fit Canada Day, and the festival, I think. It's really too bad that there were no tapers to get the gem, I know that I can't remember the altered lyrics.... From there they went into BJ, Get in the Car, River Valley, Horseshoes, I Love My Boss, YWGTTM, Today's the Day that We Fight Back, Johnny Saucep'n, Michigan Militia, KoS, GE&H, and the Love Potion #9 Medley, in somewhat of the correct order. They did 1 encore with the Billie Jean Medley and the Drinking Song.

They were high energy, desipite the audiences lack of it! Zac and I began sitting, but couldn't take it, so we danced in the aisles. At one point Jian (i think) said something like "why don't you join them and booggie? Then maybe the people won't feel so alone." to the rest of the crowd... no one else up front, save one was dancing. I did, however, notice dancers on the fringes. After Jian's comment some people joined us, so we moved back to the center, sorry if we blocked your view!

Hm.. hows that? A few more tidbits: Murray wore a "new" shirt, very nice; John did their checks, and he was going down the line "Mic #4, mic #3, mic #2, then, just to be a wise guy, mic #9... that got a cheer; oh! one of the best parts: WE Americans (Zac, I, others?) got a plug! it was great! Go Canada, also a large number of people from Mike's family were there, a nice touch.

Canada Day is great day to be in Canada, there is so much going on and the natives are in their friendly mode, not the disgrunteled one!

Katie and Zac, real cool americans

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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