Live Show: 07/10/97


Buffalo, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Another excellent show in the beautiful town of Buffalo, city of Ontario. Oh wait, it's part of New York... Well, you wouldn't know it based on the response the boys get in this border-hugging city.

I left Rochester around 1:30 and got into Buffalo at three. It didn't take me long to find Lafayette Square, where I hung out near the stage as the guys were setting up for sound check. I ran into Katie, talked to her for a bit, and eventually met up with Kevin Burg, fellow Fredonian, so we staked a place out on the grass and relaxed.

Lafayette Square is smack in the middle of downtown Buffalo, surrounded by a traffic circle and a subway/tram that makes part of the road annoyingly inaccessible. There is a large statue in the center of the green, and Moxy made sure to poke fun at it during their set (how do you spell phallic?).

The local radio station, nicknamed Alice 92.9 (not sure of the number), was hosting the evening and had a tent set up. From four to five, Moxy were signing autographs and handing out posters and promo pics. At five, they took off, and Animal Planet graced (or is that grossed?) the stage for about an hour and a half. I really didn't care for them; it was just another typical rock band.

Before Moxy started, Laurie showed up, as well as Frufamily and they decided to hang back (Mike was videotaping), but I stayed as close to front and center as I could. I met a girl that went to Fredonia the same time I did, and was even in the same major. For about twenty minutes before we started talking to one another, we both looked at each other every couple minutes with this 'you look soooo familiar' expression on our faces. The world is definitely way too small.

Moxy came on stage at seven, as planned, and wowed the audience with a great ninety minute set, which included Cross-Border shopping, a Buffalo standard that they don't normally do anywhere else. I heard from someone that these outdoor shows generally bring in upwards of 7,000 people, which filled the streets and city blocks surrounding the square.

After the show, I met up with a bunch of people: friends from college, Charlie, Brenda, Caren, Heather Rolph and her friend Karen, and various others whose names escape me at the moment. We chatted with the guys, and Mike told me to release the crossword puzzle the Tuesday of next week. Yay!! :-)

After some quick food with my friend Eric from school and Mike/Kelly/Kids, I headed home around 11:30 at night, still bouncing from another great night. See you all soon!!

Thanks to Zac for telling me what was written on the guys' setlist:

Dancing Queen
Encore #1  :  King, GE&H, Potion
Encore #2  :  Drink

From Artvoice magazine (July 2, 1997)

Moxy Früvous w/ Animal Planet at Thursday in the Square: It wouldn't be a proper season if Bflo favorites Moxy Früvous weren't do you get to play this gig year after year anyway? Let us in on your secrets boys...Lafayette Square, 5pm (FREE!)

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

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